Monday morning. I mean, I don’t want to sound like a stereotypical pre-millennial, but, Monday’s suck, am I right?

Actually, this is the last Monday of relative “freedom” I have for a bit. Elder Duck starts school on Wednesday, and the little guys don’t go back for another two weeks, so I mean, if you should find me in a corner crying with uncontrollable eye twitches, at least you know why now and there will be no doubt as to why I am there.

So I will sit here today and try to do as much as I can without actually doing much at all if that makes any sense. I don’t have the fiery desire to write just yet today, so if that kicks in I will take care of it, and I am already at a good Defcon with my migraine, and I know it is only supposed to get worse as the day goes on, in fact as the week goes on.

I am listening to Johnny Cash, and my youngest is very pleased. He and Mr. Cash have a delightful history together, and if you ever get chance to listen to him sing Daddy Sang Bass you need to attend, it is a standing room only show so get your tickets as soon as they are available, so you don’t miss out on the fun. It will be something more modern and loud soon, but for now, seeing him smile makes it all a little bit more worth everything.

Sadly, or not depending on your thoughts on it all, the audio recordings are going to come to a screeching halt until after the fist of the month where I have time during the day to do them. With the little guys here it is almost impossible to get twenty minutes of silence in any fashion, but if all of you like them, I will make sure to find a way to get them out to the masses.

As you can see by my rather not..ranty…word choices this morning, I have been able to compartmentalize some things and direct the anger that needs to be directed at those who need it directed at them, and I will be writing more of the anger things soon, but I will let the brain absorb the filing system for a little bit and maybe then I will able to write a complete piece on things instead of stopping less than a third of the way through a job like I did the other day.

Finally, I am well aware of the people who read and do not read this blog. I am a whore for useful analytic reports, and I am obsessed with them for websites. I know when and who and where and all the things. So please, I mean this politely, do not tell me that you have read/listened to a thing when I know for a fact that you not only didn’t, but you have never. I have data proving you didn’t, do you have data proving that you did?


With that said,

Until next Time, I Bid You Peace

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