You read the title, you know what it means. If you don’t, then welcome to the happiest Bear Cave on the internet. I am your host, Bear, and today we will be listening to me because of my crippling reliance on others for any form of self-esteem whatsoever. I am working on it but like all things, it’s a process that is not achieved overnight by any stretch of the imagination.

I recorded this last night and the only editing I did was to make sure it wasn’t as deafening loud as the recording conditions in my bedroom make it. I talk about being happy and what it means when I tell you that I love you.

However an event this morning has tried very hard to undermine the positive attitude of the weekend and I will not allow this at all.

So, listen to this, then read the after for an addendum.

Do you know what I love you doesn’t mean? It does not mean I am there to be your emotional jizz-rag. It does not mean I am solely responsible for your happiness. I refuse the charge. Yes, I said I refuse. So, as I tried to be gentle before, I am harsh now. I am done and I will not engage further.

Other than that, enjoy the fucking weekend, ENJOY IT ALL.


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