Not this year Dad.

I am listening to Minority. I love me some Green Day and I will never really not like them. Sure, they may have sold out a bit with the whole Broadway thing, but when I think of them I am reminded of rebellion before stupidity, at least in my case. Of good times two decades after I heard them the first time and, most importantly, my brother-in-law.

But Bear, you may ask in an incredulous tone, don’t you really dislike your brother-in-law?

That is a complicated question and it is what I have decided to write about today.

Matthew, because I do not want to keep writing brother-in-law, loved him some Green Day too. Specifically, he was a gigantic fan of Wake Me Up When September Ends from American Idiot.

When Naomi and I first moved to Canada and into her parent’s house, our bedroom was directly under his. For reasons I never did find out, the ceiling of our room had soundproofing. Possibly a studio of sorts was there with the previous owners of the house.

Every night before he went to bed and every morning when he woke up, we would be serenaded by his renditions of the seminal classic. In his voice as well as the delightful original.

I don’t know if his voice was overpowering to the poor panels on our ceiling, or if they were just really shitty, but the longer we listened, eyes open with terror we would soon have him on our bed with us, the music got louder and louder and louder until one fateful morning it simply was as if we were in the same room as the young man.

Now, I never really complained because I prefer it to be very loud when I try and sleep so it drowns out the inner monologue I am stuck going through every night, but hearing him fuck with the base and actually feeling the sound waves change was too much.

Naomi was a light sleeper because it was part of her Mother Superhero Package(TM), so she would scream at him in various languages the next morning and I would look on in awe that someone could change languages in the middle of a word, never mind a sentence.

Eventually, he found something else to listen to, just as loud mind you, but for reasons that I suppose were akin to surrender, we just didn’t say anything ever again.

So now, as I listen to the live recording of Minority live from Bullet in a Bible, and I smile thinking about Naomi and her astounding superpowers and I push the tides of dark away from my mind and heart for the day and realize that every now and again, I get to fucking win.

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