So, storytime didn’t happen yesterday. It will today.

First I have to tell you about shopping in the apocalypse.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a well-stocked store considering the circumstances. Except for a single thing, I got everything I wanted to get and even found some treats to buy to calm everyone’s nerves a bit.

What I did not expect, and perhaps this is on me, is the blatant stupidity shown by every single group of people I saw in there. I am not just saying that they did some stupid things, no, these fucking people are going to be plague spreaders, are, well, they already are.

The first thing that got to me was the disparity between who was wearing the masks and who wasn’t. Now, I saw a lot of elderly people wearing them, and according to all I know, if anyone that isn’t medical personnel is supposed to be wearing them, the elderly should as they are the group that is most at risk from this entire thing.


The teenagers were the ones that pissed me off the most. First, they were simply wearing the masks at all. Of course, ALL of them could have been immunocompromised, this is true, but the odds that the two dozen or so I saw wearing the masks, one in a full set of medical scrubs, being in such a category is, and please correct me if I am wrong, statistically very unlikely. You have it hammered into your head, correctly I may add, that the masks should only be used by individuals within a specific group and then you see some jerk-fuck kid walking around buying three baskets full of beef jerky and Mountain Dew. It angers I say, it angers.

Secondly, and vastly more importantly, were the number of people who were ill that were there. I am not a doctor, I am not going to tell you what they did or did not have, what I do know is that a supermarket should not sound like a tuberculosis ward at any point. These people would cough into the wind and it just bugged me. There is a reason I had a panic attack the entirety of the time I was in there.

Lastly was the pharmacy. I had to go and pick up things for my migraines, my seizures, my anxiety, my depression and whatever that little orange pill does. I knew there would be a line, I was okay with that. People were lined up at roughly six-foot intervals and all was well there. The pharmacist and pharmacy tech were disinfecting everything after every customer.

Two people before me, some asshole who maybe came up to my navel barges through, laser sights on, reaches over the woman at the counter and the pharmacist and just yanks the hand sanitizer, the one that the pharmacy has there to, you know, use and shit, and walks off like he was the king of the world. Mind you he was met presently by some employees of some kind who kindly escorted him to parts unknown, but come on man, fuck off with that shit.

I understand the fear and even a little paranoia, but there is no reason this de-evolution of the species has to happen. None.

Maybe I am finally just old and don’t like shit anymore. I don’t know.

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