Cleaning Day

I have this penchant for formatting my hard drives on my computers. It is kind of a very not-funny, and very well known thing about me. I do not like things to stay the same for very long at all on them and I will just ditch everything on a moment’s notice and go ahead and start from scratch. So, as you no doubt have already guessed, I occasionally do this my life, today is one of those days.

Not quite the whole “full erasure of all things and people, salt the fucking earth” methodology that has failed me spectacularly in the past, but more of a gentle weeding out of those people who, on a daily basis, contribute nothing to my life or, more importantly, I contribute nothing of importance to theirs. I am not as shallow to think that I am the one who matters, but if I am giving them nothing at all, then why bother.


For starters, there is a list. A list of people that will never get affected by anything like this. If you have to ask, then no, you probably aren’t. If you insist on asking, well, I will tell you as gently as possible I suppose.

Second, and finally really, if you and I have no meaningful anything with one another and have not for some time, then why do we need to pretend we are anything more than acquaintances at this point. I have a horrible habit of having dozens and dozens of people in my life that, well, don’t care who or what I am, and they have me in their life for a singular purpose, whatever that may be to that particular person.

So, I am going to go do that thing now, probably kill my computer for funsies too.


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