I am in a mood this morning. I don’t know what that mood is just yet, I just feel off. I am not mad or sad, which I suppose one has to chalk up to good news, but neither am I happy or joyous. I didn’t get a great deal of sleep last night and what I did get was populated with the damn airplanes that I can’t control when I am awake. Swirling over my head, between my legs, and every other place one can fit a plane or an innuendo.

It is obvious as to why just look at the world burning and you will see precisely why I feel off. The president is somehow an even more blatant racist than he has been in the past, the vice-president wants to pray the disease that is killing people away and all the rest of the government is toppling like dominoes set up by a very angry three year old who can’t quite figure out that sometimes shit needs to be standing to work the best.

I am sitting here with my Ducks though. All three unscathed, as are Terry and myself and at the end of the day I suppose that is what counts when you want to add everything up isn’t it? I won’t tell jokes about introverts and social distancing, but let’s just say this isn’t particularly hard for me to do by a long shot. I finally am using my Netflix subscription to its full potential and I remembered that I haven’t watched anything off of the Disney+ subscription I pay for. So maybe I will binge early eighties Disney movies and find out how many subliminal messages I can find without including ones I have already seen.

Reading has been happening more that it has been in quite some time and it gives me a measure of peace to break open a book, with paper and a spine, and smell that glorious mixture of all the things that make it up. I am going to start Dune tonight I think, mostly because when most people are depressed they read books on far-future philosophy and religious dogma, right? Then The Count Of Monte Cristo. I have loved it since I was as wee a bear as I ever was and it demands to be read from time to time, yes, even the huge chunks about French Revolution geopolitical theory.

Today I will write something new in the story department, I haven’t figure out what yet, but that is half the fun. It isn’t like I don’t have even more time than I normally do to do the things, right? Probably a one-off about something, or at least I will call it that and then figure out how to make a three dozen part series I will never finish.

For now, though, I am going to sit with my coffee, smile at my Ducks playing and contemplate the vastness of the Universe without particularly focusing on the microcosm of the present.


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