I think the only reason I am presently aware it is a Sunday morning is that I happened to see it on my phone when I rolled out of bed this morning. The days don’t really mean the same thing they used to. I mean, the kids would go to school on some days and they wouldn’t on others, hence the delineation of the days as a whole. Without them actually leaving the house anymore, it all kind of blends into a big blur and I am not going to say it particularly bothers me, it is just something I happened to notice is all.

My brain is a bit more of a coherent place this morning, but it is early yet and I have only had a half a cup of coffee, so we will see where this whole thing goes as the day wears on. I am probably going to simply write a lot for the foreseeable future. It keeps my hands busy, it keeps my brain busy and, most importantly, it brings a sense of normalcy to a time where that word is almost an anachronism. Plus, I have a backlog it seems and I need to at least get those planes out of the air so I can at least try really hard to make sure the next dozen don’t splash in the river shortly after takeoff.

So, a thing I noticed while writing something on a website far, far away, is that I apparently have some quasi-theological things, or maybe philosophical, to say about life and since this is my blog and all of that, I am going to be writing them here. These are deeply held beliefs that only directly contradict one another in some aspects, but are pretty stupid to those who don’t see them the way I do. I am only telling you because some people don’t want to read shit like that and I want to write things like that so I thought it is only fair to tell you it was on its way. Not railing against the Church, I am going to let those guns cool for a bit, but the essential framework of my philosophical and theological belief structure. You’ll know within a line or two if you don’t want to read them, plus, as a bonus, you will notice a shitload of things that I stole from Science Fiction books that I twisted just enough to make them mine.

I had to message my best friend and vent to her because sometimes I don’t think the things I should think and if I tell people the wrong things I think it gives my brain room to get the right things in there. Wrong by my definition, so at least I am not letting anyone else influence that part.

So…About that thing I wrote yesterday.

Yeah, it’s like that all the time.

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