Dara walked down the steps with a confidence he did not feel. He did not have a problem with the denizens of the darkness with all of their eyes and their multiplicity, what he had a problem with was new people around the Goddess. He never knew if he could trust anyone, so he made a habit of simply not trusting anyone save his Goddess, it made vetting people a great deal easier. he had been as inert as Siobhan during her long rest, but he knew the masses down here were anything but, so he knew they needed their strength and abilities.

He nearly got to the bottom of the stairs when he saw who he knew was the sister his Goddess spoke of. She was a gigantic creature, taller even than Dara who was the largest of the non-giants that Siobhan had created at the beginning of it all. He remembered his manners and dropped to a single knee, his wings flaring out as much as they could in the cramped confines of the hallway.

“Sister Neart, our Goddess sent me down here to meet you and bring to you to the Dark Goddess. It is my great honor to meet you and if I can be of service to you in any capacity, if it does not conflict with what the Goddess decrees, it shall be done.” Why had he added the last part? Why was he being so stiffly formal with a woman who had been created moments before?

The giantess dropped to her knee as well, the reflection of the bone-white blinding. Her head looked to the floor, her eyes open and yet cast downward. “Brother Dara, I had been hoping that we would be able to go and do out Dark Mothers work sooner rather than later and I am very pleased that you seem to feel the same.” Her voice was everywhere, a thousand echoes that stopped instantly when her great red eyes looked up to him and she rose, her hair covering her naked form like a cloak.

Dara smiled broadly at her politeness and her eagerness to serve the Goddess. “Come, Sister Sweet, let us see what our Mother has for us to do to make the world right again.”


Siobhan smiled as she saw the two of them approach her in lockstep, their movements mirroring each other even with the vast differences betwixt the two. They stopped just short of the dais and kneeled in unison, not a single word, simply waiting.

The Goddess rose and walked to the both of them and gently touched each one on the shoulder and bade them come with her as she walked slowly to a hallway that was chewing its way through a wall of stone as they approached it. There was no show of effort on Siobhan’s face and the wonderment of the two beside her did not escape her notice.

“We need somewhere to speak where no one, nothing, has ever been. Secrets need a place to be spake that will not remember them even in the whispers and echoes of the dark.” She did not say another word when she was finished speaking and walked down a little more before stopping, the path they came through a dark wall that was closed and, at last, the three of them stood alone. With no delay, Siobhan spoke.

She did so not quickly no slowly, but there was information within each word that was exponentially more than the word itself. All of the knowledge she had of the Grey Man, her Sister self, the Remaking, the countless times she had been brought low, and why this time there was a difference, a feeling that perhaps he had been too loose with the restrictions he apparently put on her and now was the time to strike.

She finished her voice calm and clear, with ice and pain behind it as the hatred for this being came off of her in waves.

“My Children, this being took all I had, countless times. Took me away from you, from here, from everything. He will be stopped, no matter the cost to any of us. He will be stopped and the peoples below shall have the feast they were promised.” Neart’s smile rose perceptibly at this and Dara, imagining such a slaughter, welcomed defending his Goddess.

Siobhan leaned forward, all the Universe was her eyes as she spoke. “This is what must be done, my Children.”

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