A few hours before…

Al had been putting off everything for weeks now. He could not think of a way to come up with that much money no matter where he parked his brain. At first, he thought he could shift a few ones and zeroes in the ledgers of his clients and maybe get what he needed that way and then he realized he never touched the fucking money. All that would do is make someone very happy, or very, very mad. He didn’t have anyone in his life with that kind of money, he didn’t have any credit to speak of so a loan that large was out of the question.

In short, he was fucked.

He was sitting on the steps outside of his flat, his feet tapping like a dancer on the cobblestone of the street. His hands were twirling a pen like it was a baton and his eyes were staring at nothing his mind pretty much have decided to give in to the infinite and die, at least if he died first he wouldn’t have to sit and watch all those wonderful people in his life die. He was ashamed he thought this way, but he had nothing at all left, nothing.

Al sat there, feeling sorry for himself and he felt a pain in his right thigh.

“What the fuck!” He jumped up and smashed his hand against his pants, hopefully killing the fucking bugger who had bit him. Damn thing must have crawled up his bloody pant leg as he was sitting out here feeling sorry for himself and condemning the people he loved the most in the world to die most likely very slow and painful deaths ant the hands of a man who more resembled an angry baboon than a human being.

Al looked at his hand and did not have the satisfaction of seeing a smashed bug, shaking his pant legs he saw nothing tumble out and the bite was still smarting. He reached into his pocket, the thing might have gotten into it and pit him from there. He dug around and at first, he thought he had the little fuck but when he ran his fingers over what he thought was a bug he furrowed his brown in confusion as he pulled a card out of his pocket.

That old man who had asked for a light, this was the card he had given him right? He looked and it and it was nothing special, nothing special at all, except all he could do was look at it. He didn’t particularly want to, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the damn thing no matter how hard he tried. Flat black, nothing on it at all. nothing.

Al was getting fucking spooked now and he blinked a few times and he saw the fucking thing change. A number, a number was there. What the fuck is this shit. Now the world was completely fucking crazy.

The card changed in front of him. A little tear here, a little wear there. it was spreading and even as he looked at it. His finger started to burn where it was holding the card and he cried out, the damn thing was like fire but…in the muscles and the bone.

He screamed as it got worse and his eyes shut and he was out.

When he came to he was staring at the card, he had no idea why he was looking at the stupid card he had been given, but he knew, just knew, he had to call the number.

He just had to.

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