Today is one of my favorite days to live in the country I live in. It is a day where I, the simplest man among millions can go and cast a vote to decide the fate of the land. I can, like many sadly have, choose to back oppression, racism, xenophobia, homophobia and transphobia, ignorance, and strict adherence to religious dogma. I could do this easily.


I can vote for a world where my children and their children can love who they want, can walk down the streets without fear, and can know that it is the science of reason that leads the minds in charge, discipline to the knowable, and maybe, just maybe, when I finally shuffle the coil of mortality and look my three beautiful children in their eyes one last time, I will not worry that they will be hurt by the government that is sworn to protect them.

There is no more beautiful and fulfilling part of being a citizen of the United States than being able to vote and decide, along with hundreds of millions of others, who will lead us into the future as a country.

Fucking Vote.

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