The Help – The Assemblage – The Choice – Part II

Edward rested his head into the padding of the headrest. His team had been dismissed and went about the other duties. Monsieur and Madame had sent them to continue their missions in operation. With his part of this operation finished, his decision made, and his shoulders now devoid of weight he had not even realized was there, Edward was on his way home. He looked out the airplanes microscopically small window and saw that they were nearing the private airstrip at the Estate.

Making his way to the bathroom, a proper one at that, Edward made sure his appearance was presentable and, in fact, he made sure he was as perfect as the amenities onboard the plane could provide. His hair was combed within an inch of its life, the cuff links on his suit he had put on polished and even the barest hint of the smells of where he had been washed away in the rather rudimentary, yet effective, shower installed in the bathroom.

He allowed himself the small indulgence of cologne that Madame had once told him smelled delightful on him. He did not overdo it, just a hint of the scent to make sure that it was present and not overpowering in any way. He left the bathroom and went to the desk towards the front of the small private plane and made sure all the photographs hastily printed out on the airplanes printer were adequately notated. His eyes flew over the report that he had composed on the flight and made sure all the details were there. Even the gold, which would like take months to catalog thoroughly, was fully documented in photographs. Hundreds of them mind you, but his team had worked well and quickly, and all the information that was needed for Monsieur was present.

A deep breath was taken, and he made his way back to his chair and sat down for the three minutes of descent, and finally landing. The plane did not taxi slowly and in but a moment Edward saw the car that he had phoned and asked be left at the airfield.

Walking off the plane, he shook hands with the pilots and shared a few moments appreciating their skills before leaving the plane and carefully sitting in the front of the car. His gloves were on the passenger seat a delightful gesture by his son no doubt, and he slipped them on and made his way to the exit of the airfield. Driving quickly he was unaware of the Cossack and the Viking’s meeting just a few hours before and the grisly ending to that meeting that happened right where his plane had parked.


Madame walked away from the parlor window and nodded to the group of powerful men and women in the room. She smiled as they adjusted their clothes and hair. The most influential people in the world and still so very vain about the simplest things. Monsieur saw hr smile and hared his own. His hand having just put down the phone leaving the last instructions with the household staff to give Edward the brief message and then to leave the Estate in entirely until the next morning. All of them. Many hundreds of people leaving the estate unattended for any need, but Monsieur had assured them that all would be well and that on his honor he would call them at four the next morning, himself, to summon them for extremely rare and unique duties that would need to be done. This had placated Edward’s son, the head of the Estate staff when his father was away, and the exodus had begun. Only Edward Jr. was left to greet his father and to pass the message along.


Seeing his son at the door gave Edward a vast amount of pride. He had done everything that he could to make sure that his son had the opportunity to do whatever he wanted to do in his life. They were no slaves, after all. His son not only decided to stay with him at the Estate, but he also did class after class online at multiple universities. He had degrees in Business Administration, Information Technologies, and even a Doctorate of Divinity.

Edward’s smile paled just a moment as he saw there was no one else in the front of the Estate. There were always people out there. From security personnel to gardeners and landscapers and a dozen others. His son must have seen his confusion and concern.

“Father, Monsieur, and Madame have ordered the household staff to immediately leave the Estate. All of them. I am also supposed to tell you to take the third door in the Northern Hallway and then leave myself.” He hugged his father briefly and got into the car that Edward had just got out of and sped away before Edward had a chance to speak.

The third doorway? Edward had an encyclopedic knowledge of the estate and that room, that room was for one thing and one thing alone. Edward took a deep breath and did not allow the emotion to overtake him. He straightened his sleeves and adjusted his tie and walked square-shouldered to his fate.

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