Dara looked down at the world far below, everything so tiny and still, as if there were nothing in all of creation could make them move, nothing mattered at all. he admitted to himself as his great wings moved lazily in the updrafts he was caught in that he would love to be able to put everything out of his mind for just a few minutes each day and try to enjoy the world as his Mother Goddess had made it for them all. The smile vanished as the worry for Siobhan returned, he trusted her completely, but this as such a large thing she had set for them all to do to stop the Gray Man, the scope of it alone was amazing to imagine.

When Dara, Neart, and Siobhan had com tot he end of the planning of the things that needed to be done, Siobhan had quietly leaned over to Neart and whispered something in her ear before she vanished into the darkness of the Earth and she came to Dara, her eyes those perfect and forever shades of amethyst and onyx.

“Dara Love, yours in the more perilous journey. You have never failed me and I know that you never will. I need you as high in the air as your sister is deep in the earth. I need you to look for him everywhere and where he goes, you follow. You never take your eyes off the monster who tricked me.” her voice was ragged with rage as the final words were screamed into the darkness. She composed herself a moment, the anger no less as she continued to speak. “We will not stop until everything he has ever deceived or contaminated is fixed or destroyed. I don’t care if I need to bring mountains down and flood the world with fire, I will not allow him to keep up this game he plays with creation. I do not know why this time I was spared his control, maybe it is because I realize what is occurring, maybe a fluke in the Ether, I do not know Dara love, I simply know it cannot be allowed to continue. I will kill everything. Anything. ALL THINGS if it helps. You do understand my Dara? Don’t you?

Dara knew at that moment that his Goddess, his Love, His Mother and Heart was telling him that his life, Neart, all of them, were expendable in the grand scheme of things. She didn’t ask him if it was okay. A Goddess does not ask her creations for permission. Love, however, love is what made her say the things she said and warn him in this way.

Dara dropped to both knees in front of her, his black wings wrapping around them both and even in the dark they were utterly alone under the canopy he covered them in.

“Siobhan, Mother, Dark and Glorious Goddess. My life has been yours from the very moment of my creation and it will be yours until the world ends, even if I am but a dream of a memory of a myth by then. You are the Goddess of Darkness, the Queen of Night, the Mother Goddess of Creation. All things bow before you and if they do not, they will never feel their deaths come flying towards them with purpose. You are the importance, you are essential. Nothing else matters but doing whatever is necessary for you to continue being.”

He stood and unwrapped his wings from them before audaciously leaning forward and kissing the Goddess of the World on the forehead and shooting away from the earth, through the very stone itself, without a backward glance or a word.

Siobhan looked up at her first creation and knew that he could never see her cry the blood-red tears that streaked down her cheeks as she watched him fly away from her.

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