Demagoguery is a word you hear used a lot in this day and age. Rabble rousing and going against the political mainstream to rile up your base and to drum up support int he most base and tasteless of ways. You prey on their racism and xenophobia, fears of financial ruin, and things changes that have been the same since their grandparents were children. You make sure you use words like “invading,” “others,” “infestation.” So what if people get hurt as you do it, it is “those people” who are responsible for it. You wouldn’t ever tell people to go out an hurt anyone, that is something that “they” do.

See how you can’t lose? You play all the ends against one another, and before long the whole thing is on fire, and you are sneaking out the back door with all of the money and the keys to the kingdom laying in the blood and shit you piled up for someone else to fix.

Such is where we are now. Where we will be until we find a way.

You can make it about guns or the environment, student debt relief, or immigration. Left, Right, Center, Up, and Down. There is a fundamental thing we are all forgetting.

Politicians are, by their very existence, representatives of the people. I don’t know when they forgot that, long before any of us were born, I assure you. They listened to a friend at first, then a guy who ran a business, then a woman who represented a group of interested companies, then lawyers who represented a lobby that represented an idea that represented no one but their bottom dollar.

While I agree that some of the groups are more influential in a negative way than others, until we get the massive amounts of money out of politics, then it will never matter what color a person is, what gender they identify as, what color state they come from.

The money will rule.

I could go on for hours and hours about this. If you are a friend of mine, I am sure you have heard me do precisely that. Not here though, here I will say what I have said and stop. I will say other things, but this is not a debate or an argument, a political stump or pundit breakdown.

This is me saying what I want to say because I pay for the place where the words are.

So while I know, there is a massive amount of work to be done. I am not the one to do it, not alone with what little influence I have over anything at all. I have been called a coward for not writing things and inciting people to riot against man and government alike. While I appreciate the fact that they think I have the skill to make a monkey jump, never mind a crowd to demonstrate, I am not that guy. I don’t want to be that guy I will never be that guy.

I am JameyBear. Liberal. Hippie. Dad. Widower. Poet. Author. Sarcastic Ass. Friend. Lover. Hater.

I have lied and cheated, stolen and done violence in word and deed.
I have given the shirt off my back and they wanted the skin underneath instead.
I am a notorious soft touch, wearing my heart on my sleeve and wanting to make everyone happy.
I tip too much, too often, too many places, and it is has burned me even as recent as this week.

I love everyone I have ever hated still. I will always love the memory of being in love with them.
I want to be your friend. No. I want you to want me to be your friend.
I am clingy and needy, dependent and hopelessly lost in times that I will never live in.
I use language that was archaic when archaic was a new word in the early 19th century.

I want to record myself reading everything so people won’t forget me when I disappear.
I talk too much, listen too deeply, process too quickly and infer way too much.

Oh yeah.

My beard is also better than yours

With that said,

Until next Time, I Bid You Peace

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