I have a horrible habit of picking these incredibly stupid hills to die on when I am arguing with anyone. I get pissed because something didn’t do something and that just makes me forget that I am a human with reasoning capacity and things and I just insist on the stupidest things. I am sure that a very particular few of you know this delightful tic of mine.

Lately, I have been in this incredibly good mood and opposed to allowing all of that to fall away for a reason that I KNOW will be nothing, I let it go. I let it go, took some breaths and here I am writing about what I didn’t do instead of regretting what I did. It is a small step on a much longer path, but it is an important one that I wanted to share nonetheless.

In other news:

– I have decided to take today through Monday off from writing, including sweet Siobhan, because my head and heart just aren’t into them right now and it is a disservice to everything to write when you don’t want to. Fear not, Monday comes sooner rather than later.

Actually, that is the other news.


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