That’s Why I Said It

I was going to write an email last night, explaining a sentence that I said to one of my closest friends. I wrote about half of it and then my email client crashed and through the fog of the literal handful of medication I had taken to kick this cold in the ass, I just gave up and I laid my head back and let the songs of Orpheus take me and bring me to the sleep I very much needed.

It was a one-sentence text message and it summed up a thing, but I did it backward I think. Plus, this is going to be vague because I am not going to say who it was or what the sentence was, so enjoy reading this, or, you know, don’t?

See, what I did was state the conclusion without the supporting points.

You make me realize the depths of things. You make me see the heights of things. The Right, the Wrong. You never let ego overshadow fact.

You love, you care, you understand. You walk around with no lights and others don’t even bother trying.

See, it isn’t just the sentence at the end that makes you, you, it is everything that led me to say it.



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