I had a headache when I went to sleep last night — a ripper of one at that. I went to sleep relatively early, and even though I woke up dramatically earlier than I have been in the last few weeks, I woke up with little to no migraine pain and just a low pressure here and there. I can’t tell you why and I am not interested in the why, just the fact that it is, for the moment, a relief from the pain.

I have nothing actually to write about this morning, I mean, telling you about headaches is the equivalent to telling you about the weather for some other people. I will try and be a tad more conversational in the next one, maybe?

I am making myself write and drink coffee, so I don’t go back to bed where it would be easy to drain away a considerable chunk of the day and, at the end, not be able to sleep on the one night I can not only sleep as long as I want, but don’t need to have the motherfucking alarm on at all. I can jack the sound machine to ear-piercing levels, nail the air conditioner tot he coldest setting and the highest fan and lay there in my loud, dark, cold, and impenetrable fortress of solitude until sometime around now on Saturday morning.

Du Hast is playing in my ears; the kids are on the porch doing…something. I am inhaling caffeine like it is going to be rationed soon and I know that things will settle here in the next few hours or so and I can do my job and relax for the day.

I will be writing story things today, mostly because I feel creative, but also out of a sense of not leaving people hanging who are enjoying the one story and a burning desire to go ahead and start a new one because I can.

One thing that I can talk about is that sometimes when I am wrong, I am REALLY wrong. Not just like forgetting the last two digits of the phone number wrong, but maybe calling someone who has been a staunch ally to a friend of mine a fucking traitor kind of wrong. Now, I had the opportunity to make amends, and I have since done this, but I still feel the fool for falling for what gets me every single time.

Other people were saying things that I pay way too much attention to.

Wearing my feelings and my intentions of my sleeve make me an easy target I know, but I have no idea how to be any other way, so I will bumble and stumble along and finally find a way to make peace with a massive hole in my character that has lost me some significant things in my life.

So yeah, there was a cryptic thing that I will not go into any more detail at all and will leave a few of you wondering if I am talking about you. In this case, if you have to ask, then really, no, it isn’t you.

So, more coffee and now, Click Click Boom.


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