I Have No Idea Why I Wrote Down Quasi Stage Directions Either

Have any of you ever driven through Gary, Indiana? It is right outside of Chicago on the Indiana side of the border, and I have never once, in the dozen or so times I have been by it in whatever vehicular conveyance I was in, not cried. Not tears of beauty, but absolute agony. 

You can tell what it was when it was something at all. You can see the grandeur hidden behind the dirt, disrespect, and disrepair. If you ever see the city and not notice a fire, let me know because I have never had a chance to see that myself., Every single time, there was something on fire, and it just made the entire scene even sadder than it already was.

Interesting Segue Of Some Kind…

Since the quarantine began Gentle Readers, very little in my life has looked clean. It seems like I have been staring through the smoke, which, instead of getting more transparent with the clarity of time to think, has become more and more fogged because I have that delightful habit of massively overthinking everything I do, in every way.

Smart Transition To Current Subject Matter

Last night I sat on my bed for five or so hours, and I made myself a plan of action for a lot of things, including the return to mental health care that I am very well aware I require. I have phone numbers that are written down, calls I need to make, and the entirety of what I call the plan. Of course, only I would come up with this plan on a Saturday night. Still, I suppose that is neither nor there. As long as I follow through on what needs to get done to bring myself, my psyche, and my soul to the levels that I need them to be at for me to be able to function in the ways that I need to. Especially in the ways that my children need me to.

Awkward Spin To The Non-Sequitur

It is going to be a bad headache day, well it already is, but it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better this time. I enjoyed the small respite I had yesterday. I got a few tangible things done I needed to get done as well as drastically overthinking my life-choice, decision-making paradigm.

Disastrously Overspun Outro

That’s all I have for today loves; I wish I had some more, but sometimes the brain runs on empty when it comes to writing down any more pretty words, no matter how many of them are floating around in your head.

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