I lied and here I am writing on Saturday after I said I was taking off for the weekend. I suppose it isn’t a lie and more of an underestimation of my relaxation success rate? yeah, that sounds way better than calling myself a liar. After all, overestimation is just a necessary part of an experiment sometimes right?

I was laying in bed last night with my little guy who wasn’t feeling all that well last night. He was doing the things he does to get to sleep and I was singing him the songs he likes to hear me sing to him. He calmed down, relaxed and still I sang until he was nice and calm and then the night continued, well, it ended for him going to bed I suppose, but you got the message. I was laying there for hours and hours last night singing stupid kids songs to myself after he was asleep. Some of the ones we all know, other ones I made up just for my Ducks. For the record, my rendition of Irish Lullaby is exquisite thank you very much It may not have anything even remotely in common with the Gaelic masterpiece my Gran sang to me once upon a time, but it likes it and that is the important part.

I got to bed later than I wanted to, but early enough that when I did sleep I got enough to act like a functional adult today and that is the thing there. You know, don’t set me on fire, drink the coffee after it has been made, that kind of stuff.

Fast forward to, well, now. I am listening to the Eurythmics, because of course I am, and I am getting this wonderful feeling of what the French call jamais vu, or the never seen. It is when you are presented with a situation that seems so intimately familiar to you but at the same time is completely unfamiliar to you in every way. It has something to do with the song. Maybe it is a misremembering of a Manson thing when I was listening to his rendition? I don’t know, I will sit here and sip coffee and think of it eventually. Or not, then I will move on to the next part of the day.

Either way, I’m out.


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