Thought Bomb

Thought Bombs

Those moments when you are sitting there doing absolutely nothing and out of the blue you get the inspiration to do a thing that you haven’t even thought of doing before and, AND, not only that you somehow receive the ambition and desire to do it just enough to get it done as opposed to just thinking that it is a pretty nifty idea and stacking it with the three hundred other ideas that are wasting away in your brain place.

Yes, this idea will make my life a little longer in the short run, but I think I can actually get a big thing done because of that initial struggling.

Yeah, this is where I don’t tell you what it is so I don’t jinx myself, but I tell you enough so I am not that much of a cock tease. Or, you know, your genitalia of choice, if any.

I can’t write all of them consecutively, it is not only a waste of time in a sense, it is almost impossible to back-fill the other stories with the information that I need to in order to make the other stories make any sense at all.

So, instead, I am going to concentrate in places and hopefully see a thing opening that is a akin to a really cool folded thing opening and showing off it is a live duck, or something to that effect at least.

I will not be deleting anything, I have checked for continuity things, it is essentially what the last two weeks has been, and I am pretty sure I can go forward with what I am going to do with no damage to the existing Universe, or, if there is any, it is a little bump to the head as opposed to a kick in the teeth with steel toes.

So yeah.

Other than that, tell me things you want me to record so I can do them. I am willing to do anything, and I do mean anything, just to see if you like it. I have worked phone sex professionally, so there is that to consider everyone, let us not downplay the deviancy of my brain.

Christmas and all the things has pushed podcast thoughts to the beginning of the year, but that is okay because I need to figure out what the fuck to say for X amount of minutes that is even remotely interesting.

Other than that, go and eat the turkey you have left over, make merry with those that you love and remember this time of year isn’t about stupid little green and red things in a pattern, it is about giving me as much money as you think I can handle without being spoiled by it…

…..or world peace, that would be cool too.


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