From the top of the hill, they looked like so many ants, scurrying to do the tasks he had set them to do and coming back to him for more, and more still. it was an easy thing, sitting and telling them what to do because all these people wanted, was someone to take control of the chaos of their lives and give it some meaning, who was Peter if not a man to help these people get precisely what they desired so very much?

It had been so very easy. Park benches at first. he would come up to the solo people there, male and female, and he would simply talk to them and tell them what they wanted to hear in return. he was positive that they knew that was exactly what he was doing. No one person in the world knew everything. Soon park benches became speeches on the unused baseball diamond and later than that, the rec center in the park that someone would rent out so as many people could come and hear him say these wonderful things he was saying. Five became dozens, dozens became hundreds and because of the joy of the Internet, the numbers were impossible to accurately tell now.

He sat up on the hill in his smartly designed suit, feeling the warm breeze of the devil winds of the Santa Ana that were barreling down the coast to where they were in Baja California. He was completely alone up on the hill and it was a magnificent thing. He saw the builders making homes, the cooks making food, the children playing in the grasses of the valley floor and not a single person was unhappy or out there against their will.

Much to the consternation of the young ladies, and some gentleman, of the group, Peter was a celibate man. Having made the decision in his early youth and never once questioning it or being tempted towards leaving these self-made vows. He did not want their money, he did not want anything from them except their ears to listen to the things he had to say. They were free to go, in fact, Peter had bought them plane and bus tickets when they thought they needed to be elsewhere.

The world was so vast, pennies slipping from a bank vault would not be noticed. He was not planning on making them all drink Kool-Aid, collect assault rifles or have all the women become sister-wives.

No, no that wasn’t the plan in the slightest.

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