Hello, My Gentle Readers,

You may have noticed a lack of a Thankfulness post today. I want to explain why because I did have every intention of getting it done, and it will still get done in the near future.

My Elder Duck came up from the basement last night and told me that there was water all over the floor and it was coming from the water heater.

Shit, not again.

Yes, yes it turned out, again was precisely what happened.

For the second time in about six months, the hot water heater had sprung a leak, this time from the bottom as opposed to the top, however.

Thankfully we have recently completed a vast cleansing of the basement area and there was nothing ruined by the water.

The landlord was called, the unit replaced and I am waiting for it to warm up as we speak.

So, my spoon quotient has been a little low today and I just don’t have it in me.

Tomorrow is the holiday and with the exception of a very few people, I will be radio silent all day.

Until Friday, you know you are awesome and loved and I will talk to you then.


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