Seeing her children off, Siobhan turned and walked into the great darkness where her dais sat and sat, the throne suddenly so cold to her. Siobhan would not sit and feel sorry for herself however, she would not leave her children to go and sit and do nothing. No, hers was the most dangerous of the things, even if she may have downplayed it to the two of them before they left. Siobhan felt that the lie served a purpose higher than anything else. To keep them free of the things that she had to do to save the world from the Gray Man.

Siobhan had never lost the connection to him and knew precisely where he was and soon as she thought of him, she simply dissolved from her perfect darkness and a sharp and cold wind announced her to the gnarled man sitting in a simple seat of tree boughs. He was nothing like she remembered him being from the last time she had seen him, yet she did not for a moment try to feel pity for the master puppeteer. He looked as ancient as Siobhan imagined that he was, green and sickly light came from him even as the gray was the primary color. He saw her and his eyes flickered slightly to her as his voice, almost a gurgle, erupted in a scream at her even as he sat. There was no power, no energy, just an angry thing yelling at the Goddess of the Dark.

“What have you done, you idiot child? How did you take from me what was MINE, to begin with? How, Why? How Dare You!” Spittle flew from his mouth and the green light pulsed from within him and bubbled out of his mouth as he spoke. His arms shook and his face twitched involuntarily as Siobhan simply looked on. Her face a mask to hide anything and everything she was feeling and thinking. He kept going, his voice deteriorating by the second as he did.

“Who could have given you this power over me? Who is stronger than I? Was I not first? Was I NOT BEST!?” Even as he spoke swatches of skin broke away from his body and lifted softly into the ether, disappearing and leaving him weaker. The green light from within him was his heartbeat, his very essence. He looked at her, his eyes growing wide as something inside his mind broke at last. “No! Not like this! Don’t let Her do this!” Even as the last sibilant sound of the word left his mouth he exploded, a green light filling the space where once he sat. A voice came from that green light, a voice that Siobhan knew, yet could not place.

“Siobhan, Great Goddess of the Night, I wish to ask your forgiveness for this. It is my fault that he got so powerful and neglected to keep him in check. It is my fault that you were caused pain, you were separated from your sister self, you were lost to your children for so very long.” The green light shaped itself into something Siobhan recognized as the very image of her sister self. “To make amends, I give this to you, all of this, and I shall depart from whence we all came and try again in a new place while you fulfill your destiny, or even destinies, here.”

The flash of green was immediate and overpowering and Siobhan had never felt pain, raw and seething pain. Her very being was on fire and yet when she looked, there was naught but the perfection of her skin. The light grew and grew until in an instant it flashed and disappeared and Siobhan collapsed, her head so very heavy, and knew no more.

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