In the Darkness, there was such joy. Every moment was magnified eternal and pleasures unknown were Siobhan’s to sample at her leisure. There was no sense of time or space, no rush or feeling that she was moving too slow. It simply was. There was a part of Siobhan’s mind that was aware of the things that happened, that part cataloged everything, indexed it and made sure every moment was available to review and perfect at her leisure. There was always more to experience, to create, to be and do and love and hate, eat and fuck. There were songs that she sang that lasted what seemed like eons with the melody so hauntingly beautiful a part of her decided that is what time would sound like if you could hear such a thing.

When she had done that which she desired for long enough, when her mind and heart told her it was time to return to where she was needed the most, the Darkness melted away like mist in the morning sun and Siobhan opened her eyes to the new world that awaited her.

Dara and Neart were kneeling beside their Goddess-Mother, their positions mirroring one another and they happily would have spent all of time with their eyes cast to the motionless perfection that was the Dark Goddess. They did not eat or sleep, they did not smile or talk, they waited with patience that was given to them for this task and this task alone. Their bodies had changed, the colors that had covered them, the black of Dara’s wings, the red of Neart’s eyes, there was nothing now. Nearly transparent in their clearness they waited for their Darkness to come to them and remake them in her image as she had once before and would do eternal.

There was naught else, not a single thing that existed outside of the circle that was comprised of Siobhan lying on the ground, Neart and Dara at either side of her. It was not black, that would infer there was something. It was simply a void, they did not care for they only had eyes, hearts, minds, and souls for she that lay in front of them.

In a moment, however, she melted into the ground in a pool of bubbling blackness and as if they were on cue to do so, Neart and Dara stood and watched the bubbling morass of black and as they watched it, they were willed with it, their bodies turning a black that was darker than anything the night could produce. Both of their eyes took the red that Neart alone had before and the massive wings on Dara’s back shifted and ruffled and were silver blades sharpened and deadly power radiating from them. Neart sprouted her wings from her back, the blood spilling freely and wonderfully upon the ground, it’s deep red a contrast to the nothingness of the back.

Clear were the wings that were created. Clear and perfect, the blood dripping from them at their birth quickly dropped away. Taking a deep breath and pushing her breasts forward, Neart arched her back and the wings collapsed into her body, her skin perfect and obsidian black once more. She extended her arms in front of her, muscles made the arms swell, fingers tipped with claws as silver and sharp as Dara’s wings ended every finger.

Their transformations were instantly forgotten as they saw a pillar of raw flesh, red and meaty, emerge from the blackness and spin ever so slowly. Skin wrapped itself around like a lover, tightening over the muscle and bone, the skin was white, then red, then black again in a dazzling array of colors.

Siobhan emerged from the primordial darkness as the perfect self she had always been. Every thought and memory still with her, every love and hate still perfectly intact. Her face slowly shaped itself from the block of carnage and returned to its heartbreaking beauty. Black eyes stared at Dara and Neart from a head that cocked this way and that as the body finally finished its creation. Siobhan took a step forward from the ooze and her nude perfection was finally complete. Her hair was long and as black as her skin was now white. It was not sickly, not ivory, no it was white in its truest form. A canvas which she painted on to create herself once more.

Black eyes lined with purple, crimson red lips that pouted and teeth that were perfect in a mouth that bespoke pleasure and pain in the same breath. Her body tone and muscled, curvaceous and sensuous, everything Siobhan herself wanted. She cared not for the opinions of the sheep of the world, she was the Lioness that feasted on them at will and she would look how she pleased and no other way. From high breasts to her very toes she was the exact image of what desire was, was need would become, what all sought and very, very few ever came close to before meeting an end most dire.

When she spoke it was the voice she had always had, but Neart and Dara felt within it an echo they had not heard before, a thrum that seemed to vibrate along with the very fabric of all that was, is, and could ever hope to be.

“Neart and Dara, my closest and only loves. I am not the Mother you had, that mother died when I recreated myself. You are mine in every way, you will always be mine in every way. You obey because you know no other way to live your lives. You do it with a smile and joy in your heart because it is your purpose, your destiny, your being. You will serve me and together the three of us shall spread that which you have seen here in all directions. We shall create only what we desire and that desires us. We take because we are the Takers, we create because we are the Creators. We are Alpha and Omega, the Birth and Death, a Triumvirate of love that will cover countless infinities.”

Dara and Neart knelt, almost reflexively, as Siobhan stopped speaking and cast their eyes to her, their everything, as she walked to each of them and kissed them softly on the lips and gave a hand to each of them. They moved in lockstep with Siobhan and void dissolved into what the Goddess so desired.

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