I was sitting here thinking of doing those year in review things where I tell you in heartbreaking detail every thing that has gone wrong with this year and then bitter make unrealistic promises for what I can do in the new year to make up for my shortcomings in the old.


It isn’t that I didn’t have issues and that I also don’t have hopes, it is that life has taught me that maybe doing is better than saying, maybe showing is better than telling and maybe it is simply time to put way childish things and stop making excuses.

I will tell you, the people who both read this and whom I know personally, that I love you all very much. I will tell you that you are the reason this year has not collapsed around me in a pile of rubble and why I am still here to write these silly little blog posts.

Whether you are a Science Lady or a Dragon, an Irish Lass or an old Raven, Froggy or Duck, you are near and dear to my heart. I do all of this for you, the stories I write are always in my head, they are not transcribed for public viewing than for the simple reason that you seem to enjoy reading them.

So I will be back tomorrow, I will keep doing this thing. I will smile and cry with all of you and all by myself and I think that if my Dove were here to look over at it all she might give it a nod of approval and a gentle smile.

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