I am JameyBear, Or Jamey, or James, or Bear….

This is me, JameyBear

I have written things for years. I started as a kid with journals and notebooks, did the LiveJournal thing back in the day, have had dozens of blogs on WordPress and Blogger, and I have hosted a bunch of my own sites that have since evaporated into the ether of the Internet.

I write stories for people who like to read them.

That’s it, that is the point. i write all the things I can think of that I think will even vaguely entertain people, and, frankly, I write quite a few things for just myself that other people just seem to enjoy.

Making money? No. Telling you how to run a business, set up a website, walk your dog or train the cat to use the toilet? No.

I write stories for people who like to read them.

You can find me all kinds of places, Reddit and Github for the nerd in me, Fetlife for the Kinky me, Facebook for both me and the website. A few other places, but does anyone actually use the chat clients anymore?

I am unapologetic about what I write. Be it pornography or the glorification of serial killers of the fictional variety. I write stories with blood and gore. I swear and use sex as a weapon. I will write what I want, how I want, when, I want.

Enjoy, if you want to talk to me, head on over to the Contact page.