It Is The Life Force After All

Yeah, I'm Dark!

I am listening to Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge. It is a delightful song to start your day if you haven’t tried it. Thankfully the Internet is full of awesome things that will let you experience this with very little effort at all. I am in a very narrow mindset this morning and I think this will help me exquisitely to get done what I think needs to get done. What is it that I want to get done before I disappear into the vast world of College Football at noon?


I want to write about blood and death. I want to write about bathing in it and drinking it and fucking through it and every other thing you can think of. Will I? I have absolutely no idea, I am telling you what I want to get done, I am not a psychic by any stretch of even my imagination. I have felt the urge to go back to the preternatural lately, and while my beloved Siobhan and the new joy of Victoria will always be in the centerpiece, I was raised writing blood and darkness and despair. History and teeth and mashing and mixing legends from all over the world.

Other than that, it is going to be a chill day, I have a lot on my mind and I need to try and shovel some of it off.

Rawrz motherfuckers (Also gender-neutral, I may add)

No Clever Titles, Just Hard Truth.


Before anyone reads this, please be aware that it contains a discussion about physically abusive relationships. If that is an uncomfortable subject for you and you simply want to read the stories, please click here and you will be able to do precisely that.

I am writing this to bring to light the horrible and pervasive attitudes that people in the world have in regards to violence in relationships. I am not glorifying it or trying to give it a place of honor, merely dragging it from the shadows so that people can see the vileness of it and perhaps look at it with a less cavalier light.

Thank You for your understanding in this, and truly, I love you all.


No, not quite storytime, I am not done with that last part of what I was saying by a damn long shot yet.

I won’t fill your heads with my tales anymore, I have told them enough by now and if you do not know them, you either don’t me or you have had your head planted firmly in your ass while associating with me as I have no doubt told everything about myself to nearly anyone I have met for the last twenty years in the first few weeks of meeting them. See, that is my ancient mariner, I need to tell my tale so it won’t happen to anyone else. I need them to know I don’t need or want pity, I want you to understand that it is preventable.

I digressed there, didn’t I?

I have already got two messages in regards to what I wrote earlier that I am going to share with you, well, share the big bits and leave ambiguity as to the author of the words.

Firstly, we have a stereotypical violent male response.

“If a bitch ever comes at me like that, like she is something important again, I would put her on the floor before she knew different.” There is more but it devolves into things best left out of sight by those of us who are beyond the “sacrifice the soul to the Id” level of human development. I am going to break it down as I see it and, please, tell me if I am wrong my dear and loyal Gentle Readers.

For starters, we start with a derogatory remark. Now, while it is true that the word bitch can be assigned to any number of genders, the writer indicates later on in the sentence that the person he has physically assaulted in this scenario is indeed a person who identifies, or at least whom he identifies, as female. The derogatory remark shows that he has no interest in this person as a human being. They are an object designed for a purpose, one can easily imagine the purpose that he has designed internally for them without a great deal of imagination.

We follow the derogatory remark with an interesting set of word choices. Note his use of the word again, of course, meaning this person has engaged in this type of assault on a person before. However, almost more importantly is the use of the words “like she is something important”. Dehumanizing language is often a key to the mid of an abuser. If they make the person into a thing, an “It” if you will, then why should they care what they do? If the person they are assaulting is an “It”, “Its” do not have feelings or thoughts, they simply exist. Stripping away the humanity of the object of your terrorism and violence, in addition to making you a mockery of a human being and worthless in the eyes of society as a whole, allows the attacker to remove guilt from himself. Once again, an “It” would never be able to have thoughts and complex emotions, so the audacity of the “It” having accusatory words simply beggars belief in the mind of the assailant.

I think the first part of the next sentence, “I would put her on the floor” is self-explanatory, but in light of the lesson here, I will go ahead and get into it. First, he takes ownership of the act, choosing not to use pronoun heavy phrases like “she would be on the floor”, or “she would end up on the floor.” They WANT you to know that they are responsible for this, they NEED you to know that they did it, either for the fear factor they think it might have on you or for the sad people like them who would see this as a victory over a lesser being, worthy of praise and respect.

The end of the sentence is the most terrifying of all in a way. “Before she knew different”. Look at that sentence. He would strike this person, assault them and put them on the floor before any other action or words could be used. Their absolute first response would be instant and intense violence. I am not a psychoanalyst by any stretch, but it speaks volumes that they would choose the last-ditch action of most people for their opening gambit.

So let us combine all of this into a truly terrifying scenario that words alone will illustrate. He sees this woman as non-human, an “It”, a thing to be used for a purpose he has dictated it must serve. To this non-human entity he has created, he will happily and repeatedly engage in violence until the woman, or “It” to him, is on the floor, taken out of any scenario that would threaten who and what this subhuman stands for.

Take that in. This is a random commentator on a blog on the Internet. He knows nothing about me or mine and he would wantonly and proudly boast he would assault, over and over again, any woman who dared have the audacity to think they are anything but the “It” they have been designated in the eyes and mind of this social predator.

Forgive me if this seemed pedantic and arrogant in its presentation, I needed to make sure that I said precisely what I wanted to say. I also apologize to any abuse survivors who have read this and perhaps have seen some things that are parallel to their own lives. You have nothing but my support in your struggles and I am here for all who ask for assistance. It is not your fault, in any way whatsoever.

I was going to go into more thoughts, the second comment as well, but I think I have said more than enough on this subject for the day.

I love you all, so very much.


Okay, So, Maybe It Took Me An Entire Day, But I Am Back And The Demons Are Ready To Come Out And Shatter Your View Of The Way Writing Should Be.

Gentle Bear

Greetings My Gentle Readers,


Yes, I am back to calling everyone who reads my blog that for one big reason. Let us say that you do not identify as male or female and I say “Ladies and Gentleman”, I refuse to exclude anyone from my writing, unless maybe they’re a Nazi, and then they can go away. I want all people to feel welcome to my writing because, to me, it is like letting you into my home, messy grammar and bad plot lines included. If you walked into my home and I ignored your gender pronouns, you may just tell me to take the long walk off the short pier yes? Call me out on that shit if you notice me slipping up. I use genders below because I am absolutely positive the pronouns are correct, otherwise I will be using hey from this point on.

Today will be a heavy writing day. I have to get back to Siobhan, Victoria, James and Elisabet, maybe the good people in The Assemblage, some new stuff maybe, but, before we traipse down my rather dark hallways of fiction,i need to talk about something here. I need to do it here because if I talk about it in the place it originated, i would be disrespecting someone I love so very much.

In essence, it is not okay to be violent against your partner.

I know that a lot of you are reading that and saying no shit, but apparently there is a rather significant subsection of the population who feel that striking their partner, regardless of the gender identity of either party, is a perfectly reasonable way to deal with the escalation of an argument.


Story Time from Gentle Bear.

My ex-wife, the woman who jaded my view on women for a decade, tried to kill me. She didn’t try to shoot me, no. She stabbed me in the left shoulder, tried to make me think the smell from my cereal was not the bleach she put in it and tried to run over me with the car that I had just bought for her hours before.

I never hit her. Some “men” might be saying that if it was them they would have done some degree of violence to her in order to, I don’t know, show their dick size or something. No, that isn’t the way it works.

You walk away. You defend yourself if you need to, I’m not saying don’t stop a punch or, in my case, mitigate the wound depth by grabbing her arm before the knife was all the way in. Then I walked away.

It’s never okay, I don’t care what argument you come to me with, it is never okay.

A Small Delay and Nothing More Methinks, Or I Might Just Go Full On A Full-On Bender, Only Time Will Tell

Brain Demons

Now, my overly descriptive title notwithstanding, I am in a place and I need to get out of it before I write anymore today. This isn’t one of those things where I vanish into the ether for weeks, no, this is a couple of hours to get my feces properly collated and then I can get back to the thing that gives me the most peace in all the world.

So, knowing that, just maybe don’t have a spasm when you see some of the things I write later.


Over-Communication, Kids Being Home, and Knowing You Are Loved and Adored No Matter What Your Traitor Brain May Tell You To The Contrary


Now that I have the house back to myself, a cup of coffee to warm up the hands and a moment to think, writing for the day can commence. An FYI for all of my Dear Gentle Readers out there, I am going to write a lot today and will be spamming your Facebook and Twitter feeds for a chunk of the day. I am not sorry for it, I just wanted to let you know it was going to happen should you want to mute me for a bit or something, I totally understand I assure you.

So, I fell down the stairs the other day. It’s not that big a deal as I do it at least once a week because this house was designed for persons of smaller stature than myself, and not weight, I mean height. Some of the door frames are barely six feet and, well, I am a little past that, to say the least. I was trying to be careful too. I was walking slowly and all of a sudden I was looking up at the ceiling with a very severe opinion of the construction of the staircase floating around my brain. I am alright mind you, bruised up a little, but nothing too terrible. The worst part is that deep tissue pain that takes forever to go away,it is not particularly pleasant. However seeing as we are going on a week now, it has subsided to practically nothing.

I took Sunday off because I had company at the house, Monday the kids were all home and yesterday I kept the wee lads home because I am a masochist. There is a lot of writing to catch up on and I think it will be a nice day. I may not write a lot as in a lot of different posts, but the posts themselves will be a great deal longer if my brain can make that happen. I am not a fan of diving a thing for the sake of dividing it, so there will be some whoppers out there today I think. Plus, since I keep setting alarms on my phone that I need to write something new, I am going to do that, well I am going to kind of do that. It will make sense, to me at least, when I start it so there is that to consider. I will see what comes out of the brainpan and hopefully.

So, here is the meat of this one.

I have always thought I am a good communicator. I have thought that if nothing else I over-communicate my wants and needs to the other party, but I have been put in a position the last week or so where I no longer feel that this is the case. I have been casting doubt on everything I say, to others or even myself, questioning whether or not it was the right thing to say, in the right tone, at the right time, etc. I know I have a massive inferiority complex, that was drilled into me as a kid so I truly don’t believe I deserve good things, however, I know it is a fallacy so at least it gives me a toehold in the real world to try and change that line of thought, although truthfully I am not sure it could ever be removed completely. So, as my wise best friend told me, some times I have an issue saying what I need, but it is because of the aforementioned inferiority complex. If I do not think I deserve a thing, I refuse to ask for it, it is a vicious circle and I am working feverishly to break that logic loop and make new pathways to things that make a tad more sense to all parties involved.

Now, do I make the changes in how I deal with the complex or do I ignore the complex as best I can and push through it by asking for things, even though it will be a bitter thing to say based on how I feel at my core? Do I rob Peter to pay Paul? It is a thing I need to think about a great deal more before I will have a dynamic plan of action to be sure. Thankfully when you are me and all you do is think, it will be a process I can begin with gusto, well, I already have begun it to tell you the truth. What you just read are my thoughts on the matter thus far. Not a great deal, but enough to say that I have begun ad that there are pieces in motion that will better the whole, one way or the other, before the end of the fight ahead.

I am in need of more coffee I think, my brain is slowing down and that is just not a way I want to live my life today, so I will caffeinate to the highest degree I can before I get to the panic attacks and the migraine from that alone and I will see you on the other side of all of that with some decent fiction if nothing else and, I mean, since I never shut up at all I can almost guarantee you that there will be another thought-based, thinky thought, feelings for all of the world to see post coming before the end of the day.

Oh yeah, one last thing, I love you, you are cared for a cherished and needed and wanted and desired and you are the best you that you can be this moment because you are trying. SO. HARD. You are allowed to breathe, to break, to fail. I will never love you less for it, in fact, I will love you more because you had the courage to stand back up and do what must be done to get you to the place you want to be at.