Delilah – Quasi-Introduction

There is a gradient of life and death in the world. Not all that breathes is alive, not all whose hearts are cold and still are dead. It had always been such. Civilizations had been aware of it for the entirety of their existence. Vampires and Werewolves, Witches and Goblins, Faeries and Demons. All of it is true, all of it is real, and all of it truly is out to get you if you are not careful where you step in the middle of the night.

Now, while they are real, not all of the things that go bump in the night need to make their presence known at every available opportunity. They hide as they are wont to do and those that discover them are often never seen or heard from again. So, believe nothing you read, or even everything you happen to see.

The world is a dark and strange place.


It is well known where the first of the vampires came from. Everyone learns the origin stories just as they learn that 1492 is when Columbus set out on his voyage of genocide in the New World and that the Second World War had a deeper, darker and much more occult reason for ever occurring. The Mark of Cain, it is called. The biblical tale of Adam and Eve’s son, after having murdered his brother Abel, God punished Cain by saying that the foods of the earth would no longer be sustenance to him, that he would be forced to kill others as he had his brother Abel, and then drink the very source of their life. He was cast out of Paradise and into the Land of Nod where the others dwelt.

Others. A shameful title for the greatness that wandered in the darkness of ignorance of the “Loving God”. However, that is a tale for another time.

Very little is known of his time in the Land of Nod, save for those who are afflicted with his mark. It is lore they do not share with almost anyone and jealously guard it against all others with their considerable power, influence, and wealth. So, mankind simply ignores the fact that the lore exits at all, they make up their truths and tales about what happened outside of Paradise and they cling to them because sometimes the pretty lie is what they need and not the ugly truth. Names are often thrown about. Lilith is a popular name, and although she is real enough and incredible in her splendor and power, she is not the character that people make her be in this particular tale.

The name no one associates with them is Delilah. No, not that one, she came much later and played a much different, and far more simple part in the story of the world. No, this Delilah shaped, and still shapes, the world as if it were clay under her immortal fingertips. She was the first child and daughter of Cain. Yes, he has had many children, uncountable in truth. Each of them bears his mark, cursed by God to never enjoy the sustenance that the earth produced, but to drink the living essence of those that walked among them, just as he does. Yes, he lives among us still. Cain is still very much despised by God and when he was told he would not die, it was not an idle threat in the slightest.

His first seven children became what would become known as The Authority. To this day those seven are the only ones in Creation save the Vengeful God who knows where their father is. They have killed people for even remotely inquiring as to his location, so most people yet again make up their truths and accept them because it is easier than believing the third human being ever still walks the earth.

Delilah sits with them. She is the titular leader as the eldest of all of them, but they shared power in a sense. Each of them was very selfish and greedily hoarded the power that their father had imbued them with. Each of them with different gifts, different skills, but not the way one would think. There was magic in them, but there was always the reminder that they were damned. They were the hated of God, unforgivable and unacceptable for all of time. They did not hide behind things, they reveled in the darkness that was in them. Demons they have been called. Monsters and destroyers of flesh and soul.

Why would they not be when they were the absolute epitome of corruption?

That Person Who Said Age Is Just A Number Had No Idea How High That Number Had The Capacity To Rise

Far away from where Madame Victoria sat with the newly discovered godling Bertran in the sweetest and brightest parts of Montreal, there was an empty studio apartment in Old Prague a young lady sat and contemplated the infinite.

It was a past time she was very well versed in. She didn’t particularly care about the infinite, but a woman in her position was forced to look at the vastness of the picture instead of where the ink dribbled over the corner of the canvas. She had been sitting here, every night, doing this same thing for longer than she would like to admit. A little dinner, a few carefully smoked clove-stuffed cigarettes, maybe catch a movie or go dancing and then back here to this ridiculously overpriced shit hole apartment that was a magnet for her and she would sit until sleep, thinking of why the everything was the way it was.

Her mind drifted backward this evening, think back to when old One-Eye had given the “privilege” township to what would soon become the nearly mythical city of Prague. She had been old even then, remembering Sumer and the nights of chaos that had been the ending of it. No, tonight she thought about when the town was formed and how she was so very proud of it, and herself, because she had done a good thing for the first time in so very long. She had been in this very room, well the room that had been in the building that had been here then. The original one was hundreds of feet below her now. Progress they called it. She would be there again soon, a girl needed to sleep after all.

First, though, she would allow the embrace of memory to take her back to that which was……


She was Charlotte then, or rather Karolina if you wanted to follow the Czech of the time. She had quite literally stumbled upon the city by mistake, having had no intention of being in a heavily peopled area again after the last time. However, like all things, temptation was there and she could hear the music, smell the food, feel the vibrancy of life pounding through the world and she could not help herself and settled down here, ostensibly a widow from the East, her husband having met an unfortunate fate in one of the dozen wars that were going on at the time.

She was wealthier than all of these young people. She had saved over the centuries and knew how to liquefy wealth in a hurry. Karolina had picked the best of what was available. Made sure to have a multitude of servants. She never could stand menial labor. As hard as it was, she was old enough to deny herself the instant gratification of the flesh. Sadly making the trek to the surrounding wilderness each night to find her sustenance…


An explosive sound shook her from her revelry. From where it came from she knew it could only be the damnable Council. Calling all of them to the Temple to meet again.

She who was Karolina and was now Kalypso grabbed the corpse of the young lady. She had brought her home for dinner. A tasty young thing who had been looking for a hostel. Kalypso made sure to dispose of her in the incinerator. Then with a heavy heart and anticipating a long evening, Kalypso made her way to the Temple. All of this so she could listen to infants. Those who did not know what it meant to be of the Darkness. They had the audacity to tell her that she was too dark for their plans.


The Hunt Master With Power Of Spirit And Righteousness Of Duty

There was a silence in the cavern after his name was said by the Dark Goddess. The power a thick and palatable thing in the air. It only lasted a moment before the singular sound of the drop was added too by the sound of a heavy footfall on the rocks.

Siobhan sat still and waited for the Hunt Master to come to her, she was contemplating all of the things that were going to be said to him, the fate of so very many depended on her exact wording. She had made him, yes, however she did not control him and she had designed it that way. Once the parameters of the Hunt were given, it would continue until the Hunt Master himself decided that it was over. He reported to Siobhan, worshiped her as the Goddess who created him, but in this, he was the absolute and ultimate source of power.

Raising her head from where she stared and casting a glance backward, the Hunt Master was revealed in the glory of what she had made him.

A giant, literal and metaphorical approached her. Cloaked in the blackness of shadow and cover, his head adorned with great antlers of a long-dead beast. He was on an eternal hunt that never ceased, never in the history of time and space would it stop. He approached Siobhan and bent his huge frame with uncanny grace, his knee touching the floor with virtually no sound as it did so. His head bowed low and his black hood and the very shadows themselves fell in front of a face she had never, and would never, see. No one can see when the Hunt is coming, it is the power in it, it is the source of the fear.

Siobhan turned fully, nodding to him, knowing he could see she greeting him as the equal he was in this respect.

“Hunt Master, I have called for you this day because there are beasts that disguise them as other things that need be captured.” As she spoke the images of a woman, bones shattered and mangled, sitting and sipping water that brought her life, or at least as close to life as she could maintain. The Hunt Master began to rise, his target, in his mind, chosen. “Stay your movements, Lord, there is a twist to the knife blade of this hunt that you need know. The Hunt Master froze in his movements and Siobhan spoke lowly and quickly, his mind filling with the sights, sounds and smells of each and every member of the tribe that had done this to the girl.

“All of them. Each one in the tribe save her. No mercy, no respite. They will be hunted, culled, slaughtered and collected. Each of their skulls you will bring to me, polished and I will make a throne of them for that young Goddess who does not know who or what she is just yet to sit upon and join me and mine in the governance of the world. On the Darkness that Swallows and Destroys All Things, I bind you to this task until it is completed. Should you fail me, you are Oathbreaker and your power will be broken and your pain limitless.

Siobhan turned away from the Master then, his rise was slow as he made the magic within himself to do what must be done. The wash of it over her was like hot and scalding water, his rage was hers, his anger from her own. She only cocked her head slightly as she heard the sounds of the great steeds enter, the ethereal beasts that carried him to collect the hunted and terrorize those that had not yet been collected.

“Your will be done Great Goddess, so it is I swear.” His voice was cracked, from the lack of use, the authority behind it, however, was unquestionable.

The Goddess felt the exit of the colossal amount of power as she was once again left alone, the singular drip of blood her only companion as her eyes sparked with fire and amethyst in pools of forever.

Forever Is Not So Long A Time If You Spend It With One Who You Desire Eternity With.

Bertran fell to his knees as he felt the wondrous heat wrap about him as his markings illuminated the room with Victoria’s. He threw his head backward, his eyes seeking and immediately finding hers and knowing that she was the answer, the answer to so many questions he had not even knew existed before this very second. He knew that she was the key to the door he had been bashing his face into for longer than he could even remember anymore. His voice was thick with emotion as he spoke to Victoria, her eyes moist with tears as she looked down at him.

“Goddess, I ask you, nay I beg you, please tell me what I am, why I am this.” He had said it, he had been waiting to ask that question his entire life. He had asked it before of course, just never to anyone that was not a charlatan, a snake-oil salesman, an ally of darkness and the demonic.

Victoria reached down with both hands and lifted him to his feet, slowly guiding him to divan where she sat him down, sending calm into him so that he would take this moment in for the immense thing that it was and not panic through it. Her voice was wistful, almost smiling as she began to speak, the words making the room, all there was to see was grass on a plain that extended beyond sight in all directions.

“I was born, aye. I was born to parents and had siblings by the dozen. The Fae were a population that outnumbered modern man five thousand to one. Hundreds of billions of us on a planet that has not existed in thousands and thousands of years. The Fae count time differently than mortal man, immortals do not need to keep such precise measurements. In the counting of the years of man however, I am hundreds of thousands of years old. I will live a hundred thousand times that and more beyond. Immortality is true. It is not the tale the Irish have told, not the Darkness that feeds on the essence, but it exists. It is a burden to some, a gift to others and, to you my lovely Bertran, it is a curse. Your mother was cursed by one who had a deep knowledge of things old and powerful.” She leaned forward and Bertran softly on the forehead, making him calmer and yet keeping him focused on her words as she wove the truth he had so long wanted and needed to hear.

“You will never die. You will never be killed. You are one of perhaps twenty that walk the world forever that is not Fae or Darkness. You have never met the others because you actively avoid one another, as magnets do not touch one another. You have so much pain, so much sorrow from so long, it is a wave most cannot accept when they hear the truth, of which nearly none do. You will walk this world after it kills itself either by war or Siobhan returns to claim it as her own once more.” Victoria’s voice got much more serious as she spoke the next part, delicately as to not drive him from her.

“You have power, Bertran. You do not know how to use it and I humbly ask you to allow me to teach you to use it lest darker things find you and make you slave for them for all of time, feeding appetites you truly do not want to imagine. Stay with me here, in Montreal, and I will tell you everything you want to know, I will teach you all you desire to learn and, I will give you other things that one like yourself has abstained from.” Her voice took on a husky tone as she dropped the final line, his head snapping to hers in understanding. Immortals could not breed, they had no children, but they still desired the pleasures of the flesh as much as any other creature Siobhan created.

Bertran took a deep breath and nodded, he did not trust himself to use words to tell this Goddess that she had just given him more than he ever dared to have hoped for.

Patience Is Rewarded

Darkness filled the cave, not darkness that came from a lack of light, but a darkness that was made, formed, created. It was a tangible thing. Moving in it you could feel it like air currents pass over your skin and taste it in the air like copper and abandonment. There was a noise in the room, hard to decipher at first as the world was so dark and all sounds seemed muted in the velvet envelope of it. No, no there it was. A drip, a drop from a great height.

The dripping sound was constant. It had an echo to it, belying the size of the room it came into. It was neither pleasant to hear nor was it a bane on the eardrums. It was simply a drip. it happened once or twice every minute. A constant thing, never pausing for more than thirty seconds or so.

If one were to walk a little farther into the stifling darkness, it would get louder, the sound of it hitting something hard and unyielding obvious the first time that you hear it. Like water on a rock, but it was too thick for water, it had weight to it, the sound and the substance itself.

A flash as bright as the sun, a momentary one is all, and revealed is the great Dark Goddess, Siobhan. Queen and Creator of all that was and could be. She stared at the bowl-shaped indentation where the drip hit, had been hitting for as long as time had been. Her eyes were focused on the center of the valley in the rock. Her pink tongue sitting just outside her mouth, black lips surrounding it, amethyst eyes that illuminated all above them.

It was hard to read the emotions on her face. They were many at once, yet one was so very clear. it was etched in her as solid as if it had been carved on the rock She sat upon.


Siobhan could, and did, create anything at will, all her needs instantly and overwhelmingly fulfilled. Yet She looked at drop hitting the rock with its rhythmic thump and with every splash of it, her breath would catch the briefest moment before She relaxed and the cycle repeated.

Looking up, tot he vast height the drop came from a needle’s point of light entered the room. It disappeared with every new drop, ut as you watch the drop fall, as you watch the now obvious crimson hue of it as it cascades down towards its inevitable destruction, the life force that it was reflects in the scant light given off by Siobhan herself.


It was easy to come by, blood. She had donors, slaves, willing participants, but it was not enough. She needed a thing She could not place her finger on just yet and so She stared with longing as the blood of the world slowly made its way to a single point and dripped into the underbelly of all that was and splashed into nothingness in front of the Greatest Mother, the Darkest Queen the Sweetest Goddess.

Each drip, each moment, endless.

Then, enlightenment.

The amethyst of the eyes slowly leaving, the cavern filling with the crimson color that dripped forever from above. The darkness about her total and complete as She uttered a sentence, a command.

“Summon The Hunt Master.”