The Die Is Cast, The Characters Made, The Names Given, The Scene Set, The Master Story Teller Waits With A Curled Lip Smile As She Knows What Is To Come


The pain. By Siobhan Herself the Pain!

The pain spread in every direction, every fiber of his being was in agony, and yet it was a thing he knew he simply needed to push through somehow. He opened his eyes wide as the pain hot its crescendo and saw his Goddess before him, beckoning him, welcoming him home and back to where he always belonged, with her, for her. He opened his mind to speak to her, to ask her why it hurt so bad, but what came out was not words, not anything that even sounded like words.

It was a roar, a growl, an avian screech, a violent and dark noise that comforted him in its intensity even if he did not understand it. He tried again to speak and the sounds from his mouth got even louder, the air seemingly shaking around him as the sound moved through it. He did not know if he was going to be able to take any more pain. He was so strong, but there was a levy within that was about to be breached. One last noise exited the old Dara, a noise that was pain and agony, suffering and fear. Not his, no not his.

Even as the last sound exploded from him, Dara felt his arms move backward and fuse with the wings he wore proudly on his back. He looked down to the ground, so very far below him now and saw his feet and legs were mottled black and red, wider than the massive tree trunks he had run through and his entire body was covered in the same coloring, the same texture. Dara went to breathe out as panic set in and flame gushed from between his lips, a tornadic blast of wind and fire that shot thousands of feet in front of him and lit the sky up brighter than the sun with its intensity for a moment before fading to nothingness.

Panic vanished, the pain vanished, in fact, he who had been known as Dara vanished completely and Beithíoch lifted into the air with hundred-foot long wings and the mark of his Goddess emblazoned on his chest in the form of the all-seeing eye of amethyst. He leaned his head back, newly extended on a great neck and roared once more. In triumph, joy, love eternal for what he thought had just occurred. Just as he thought this his Goddess appeared to him again and held her hand out to him and waited for him to come to her through the ether of space, time and the very earth itself.

With a final roar that seemed to shake the sky itself, Beithíoch flew towards Her, his heart glad as the sky wrapped itself around him and tool him to her at last.


Neart laid down upon the heather soft grass of the field around her, covered in the wonders of the family she came from, climbing on her, in her. Her mouth lolled open to allow them to be one with her as she felt the surge from within her begin and she knew what was to happen. She did not know why she knew, but all that was happening was exactly as it should be.

Her legs started first, lengthening and turning a black pitch that reflected nothing and light seemingly vanished into. There was no time to appreciate as both of those long and perfectly legs split in twain starting at the feet and racing upward like a thunderbolt. Then again. And again. Eight legs there were now, each slowly turning into the void of the darkness of its mates. Her eyes closed, forever in the form they were in now and when she next opened them she had the two eyes she had, but besides them were six others that let her see things eyes could not. Heat, the depths of the earth, the wind blowing and the patterns in made in the sky. Tears leaked from them as the love of this newfound her took hold and she felt everything from her breasts downward swell, not in fat or in pregnancy, just growing with taut muscles and the skin mirrored her legs in their blackness.

An eternity, or was it a moment, later, she who was formally Neart stood tall on her eight legs, her head above the tallest of the trees and when she opened her eyes she saw the world in ways none save her Goddess could see. She stepped with the legs as if she had always had them and her family followed her, each of them taking the size of a small down to follow her at speed. She moved faster and faster, her legs stepping between the trees and her speed was violent and wonderful.

From eyes no one had ever had she saw Siobhan beckon her and without hesitation, she turned towards her and walked into the arms of the Mother Goddess of the Universe.

Three Facets, Three Parts, Three Sections Of A Vast and Eternal Whole That Could Never Be Severed


Sated on pleasure and blood both, Siobhan languidly stood in the red sand, her eyes still fixed on how the sand ran like liquid down her skin, skin that at the precise moment was a darker red than the sand would ever be. The serpentine tongue came out of her mouth and wrapped twice around her neck, bringing all of the delicious blood into the mouth of the Dark Goddess with a sigh of pleasure and contentment. She was covered in blood, baptized in the pleasure and pain of it and she indeed did feel worshiped. All of them were gone, not even the bones remained to tell anyone what happened here, just a Goddess covered with viscera and nothing else looking into the Universe she created, wondering where next to find those that loved her as much as these ones did.


Dara felt his heart hammering in his chest, the beasts long left behind him as his body felt more and more energy pour through it. He spread his arms wide, the wind pushing them back against him and only his immense strength gave him any chance of keeping them lifted as he wanted them to be. He felt the heat, such intense heat, build from deep inside of what it was to be him and it felt like it was spreading to the rest of him like a delicious virus that he wanted to roll in and make his own. It was not evil, it was nothing but the utmost expression of who Dara was. He closed his eyes, at last, his arms still in the wind, his feet hitting the groundless often, but with tremendous force when they did. He knew what was coming now, he did not know if his Goddess had gifted him this on purpose, or if it was but destiny, but as he opened his eyes and saw the horizon lower more and more as he grew, he knew the greatness inside of him was so close now.


Neart stood in the center of her own world, covered in millions of her brothers and sisters as they licked and tasted every inch of the blood and gore that was left in the circle. The bones had been stripped, their fallen cannibalized, all that was left was the perfection of Neart in the center of the circle like a great beacon that drew more and more as time passed. She knew they would not, could not hurt her, she knew that she needed as many of them as there were, she needed to move to the next stage, the next level. The feeling that she knew what was coming grew every second and when she spread her wings, new and cleansed of the horrors they had wrought, she felt something building inside of her. It was a glorious thing, and then, as her eyes flew open and she smiled, she knew.


Siobhan walked a moment on the sand, relishing the feel of it the last time before she closed her eyes and on her next step, she was surrounded by the darkness of home. She could feel Neart and Dara and knew they would be back soon, they would have questions and Siobhan prepared herself to give them answers. It was a necessary thing, what was happening and she knew that she had made it as wonderful for the both of them as she could but still they would be confused when they returned, but all would be well. Siobhan walked up to the dais where the Three sat and sat in the middle seat there, it was not ornate, a simple stone carving. She smiled and felt the warmth that the dress she now wore provided, the black and silver of it covered nothing, and yet revealed even less.

She closed her eyes and whispered a few words to show them the way home when they were ready.

Soon all would be revealed.

A Little Tale To Tell, A Little Tale To Hear, Warm Yourselves For Story Time, Come To The Fire Near

Madame Victoria

Victoria could feel the energy filling her as the eyes looked to her, seeing what she was, who she was and knowing that they would never again see anything like this exact moment. Her manager, Lou, tried to tell her that she was vain and shallow for thinking that way, but he also didn’t know exactly who and what she was after all. A girl needed her secrets, even if it was from the one person in the world she at least partially trusted. Lou was a good egg to be sure, but no one could know the secrets Victoria carried, so she simply hid them away and made sure to put on the face everyone needed to see.

The lights on the stage were warm and her wings perked as the energy rushed in and the heat of the room filled Victoria. She took her time taking off each glove, her fingers barely moving as the gloves slid effortlessly down skin that was free of blemish, but not of markings. The lines were intricate and told her story, mind you the people who could read that story died off about the same time the mammoths did, but they were there. Every inch of her body from her collarbones to her hips were covered in the script that was made of circles and astrological signs, diamonds and sigils from gods long since dead and feasted upon on battlefields long forgotten.

Each glove dropped, falling to the floor like a petal on the wind and Victoria raised her hands high above her, each line on her body glowing with a perfectly jade light, brighter than the sun for just a moment before it faded and looked at the crowd. Each one of them needing her to look at them, needing from her, taking her in. She winked and made each of them feel an intimacy that was not there, would never be there, before smiling coyly and walking to the stool at the very front of the stage, right before the lights that blazed upward, warming her body in ways these silly people would never understand.

She sat, legs crossed delicately over one another and smiled to the audience before speaking. Her voice loud enough for everyone to hear, her tone friendly and calm as she began an act that she never broke from, a story she told each and every time. She gained from it, and it was an act of worship to the One before her.

“Thank you all so very much for coming to see me this evening. I know it is a terrible experience to drive in this city and I am very happy all the seats are full and no one was forced to miss the show.” Nervous laughter from the crowd, eyes scanning up and down her body like she was a prize bull or even worse and more debased things. She knew their minds, each one of them and all of them at once. It was not a gift, Victoria hated the word gift. It was her being, her essence, her power, and a very small one at that.

Their minds set for the story, some for the first time and others for the hundredth, she reached in front of her where the stage lights were and pulled out a very small bottle, opened it and spilled the liquids into her hands. Rubbing her hands back and forth, warming the liquid and watching it glow, and then watching them watch it glow. When it was just right she cupped her hands as if she were carrying water in them and spoke in a low and sonorous voice.

“Let me tell you about the Dark Goddess, Siobhan.”

Madame Victoria

Madame Victoria

With carefully manicured nails, long red gloves slid up her arms. The leather soft and pliable after so many years. The red was vibrant and electric, like a stoplight that you barely run even though you knew it wasn’t going to be yellow anymore. Specially designed fingertips allowed her fingers to slide through and show the delightful palette of color that was her fingernails and not show the rest of her fingers or hand, or anything until just below the bend in her elbow. Black boots that came just past her knees and stopped just as her delightful thighs began were already laced up in their convoluted artistry, each lace a magical dance over the others and all of them perfectly arrayed to show the best of the boots and, more importantly, the legs that wore them.

The clock over the door made that annoying twang that told her it was ten minutes after seven. If nothing, it was an accurate thing for at least that. Boots and gloves on, overcoat covering anything and everything in between, it was time for the show to begin.


The audience was, as always, full to the rafters. They even sold tickets for places to stand and even though people bitched about how much it was, no one ever refused a ticket if there was a chance to buy one. If you had never been or were a celebrity that came nearly daily, you never resisted the urge to get the ticket, sit down and enjoy the most spectacular sight in the entirety of Montreal.

The lights dimmed and brightened several times to indicate that the show was about to begin. Everyone with a seat took it, went to their assigned standing spot or, for the lucky few who snuck in, sat high in the rafters above the lights and the sound technicians to see the greatest thing that the world had ever seen.


Standing behind the curtain was torture, she hated hiding from people before the show, then again, it always was such an explosive event when it all happened the way that they had planned it year after year.

She heard the pop of the mic being turned on and she got her face ready.

She loved this part as much as she hated the waiting.


“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage one the most fantastic beings your eyes will ever see and the most wonderful woman your hearts can imagine.”

The curtain exploded upward in a puff of purple smoke and there she stood, on stage, at last, every eye of the three thousand souls in the building glued to her. She was the Flame and they were the petit papillon de Nuit to her raging inferno. She waited the three seconds and heard the announcer come back on with a shout, lust and wonder in his voice as he finished the best line in the history of show business anywhere in the world.

“Madame Victoria, the forgotten Faerie Goddess.”

The crowd was so loud it was a white noise that soothed everything Victoria rolled her shoulders a single time and the overcoat fell from her like a shimmering waterfall. Her hair was a deep purple, her skin the most cocoa of browns, at least for the moment. Her eyes were iridescent in the theater lights and, of course, the great double wings that sprouted from her back were the color of old blood left too long in a puddle. She winked at the crowd and walked forward to allow them to feed just as she did.


Come To Us! Scream In Harmony As We Gather And Worship The Joys Of The Sunlight! Crash Through The World And Be Reborn!

The Dragon Walks

Dara opened his eyes from his half-nap/half-ruminations and looked up into the brilliantly lit hazel colored sky, the shines of light like gemstones flickering across the entire expanse of the horizon. He was sitting in a field, or what seemed like a field even though Dara could not see the edge of it no matter the direction he looked. perhaps it was a plain where there were wild horses and beasts to pit himself in skill and deed alike. If he could bring more glory to his Goddess Siobhan, his life would be one step closer to being a complete picture as opposed to a jumbled mess of chaos that he did not truly know the order of at all. Shaking such thoughts from his head, refusing to disrespect the perfection in the skies above him he chose a direction and began to walk, no speed or purpose, just walking and feeling the connection of the earth on his bare feet and the wind over his nude body.

The wind was warm and moving at a nice speed, it occurred to him it would be wonderful to fly in and in a moment he had spread his wings and allowed the wind to lift him from where he stood into the sky, his eyes closed and simply absorbing the moment as he always did. From up here, he could see the rolls of the hills and small valleys he could not from where he stood. Long tracks of ebony black trees were in a line just before the horizon and, not having any other things to see, he tilted his body and flew lazily towards the dark wood. The trees were titanic in their size, hundreds of feet tall, and those were the smallest of them. Thicker and thicker they got as he flew over them, the light seemingly reflecting off them, casting all the heat upwards toward Dara in a delightful way.

Movement below caught his eyes and he saw dozens of animals running through the wood. Not in fear or panic, but running for the absolute delight of it. Dara dove and shimmied between the tall trees, getting ever lower as he coasted on what was left of the thermals he had been rising. His feet hit the ground with a soft touch and as soon as they did he ran, ran with glorious abandon and caught up to the deer and rabbits, the squirrels and rodents. All the animals you would expect. He kept running, and as he did, the animals got larger and larger, massive alligators running like the wind, huge elephantine creatures dozens of feet tall careening through the wood, delicate and careful to never once damage a tree or anything they ran with. The eyes of all of them were the same, it was an electric excitement. Dara watched them and got caught in it, caught in the fascination of the goal he knew nothing at all about. He forgot anything he didn’t need to survive, he ran with wild speed, surpassing even the fastest of them until he led them all, each one of their feet thundering behind him and taking the lead from him.

He felt them and swerved here and there, they followed suit, never missing a beat, the energy building more and more until Dara realized he was screaming, full-throated, raw and with as much air as he could draw in. Each beast behind him doing the same in any way they knew how to make noise. From roars of great predators to the screeching sounds of animals bouncing in the trees. The forest was endless, the path pure and full of nothing save what Dara wanted to take from it. He could stop when he wanted. He could fly and be gone, but he ran and screamed and he felt the heaviness of his soul fall away like the dirt from his feet and he was as carefree and full of life as he had ever been. He closed his eyes once again, his arms spread wide and his heart pounding in his chest and ran, by the Dark Goddess he ran.

He did not feel the heat begin. He did not feel the raw power pour through him. He felt nothing of the metamorphosis that was occurring. He just knew that he was free, he was true, and his Goddess awaited him.