Truth and Love Are Oft Close Friends, But Not Until We Add The Sameness Of The Spirit Do We Find The Blossoming Of The Soulmate Emerge Into The World.

Victoria, a wonderful name that had served her for more years than she would care to admit. She would, in moments of humor, admit to stealing it from the Queen, she had loved the way it rolled off of her tongue the first time she had said it aloud and decided to simply become Victoria, and she had been doing that ever since. In time another name would take hold of her mind and she would become the person that name required her to be. Victoria lent itself to pomp, circumstance, elegance and wealth. All of those things were pleasant so the transition was an easy and quick one. Buying some properties here, having a fleet of horses there. It had bee decades before she had to use a little glamour to make people come back to the path she wanted them to walk on because it was a simpler time. There was no Internet and Television, hell radio wasn’t even a thing yet. So when she claimed her wealth and showed it, she was respected on that alone. It is when the communication became so blasted easy that she had had to modify a few things.

The knock upon her dressing room door made her shake herself from her cobwebbed mind and she made sure she used her voice to maximum effect as she answered the knock. “But a moment lovelies, I am putting my face back on, can’t let a Goddess be seen without her makeup now can we?” She waited for and smiled at the laughter she had expected and quickly moved her hands over her body and her clothes shifted into what she needed. No longer on stage, the regal bearing had to go, she needed intimate, approachable, so it was simple cloths, muted colors, showing off the marks just so that they would understand what she was and where she came from, to a point.

Standing, she walked to the door and prepared her best smile as she pulled it open. Before her was quite a dapper man, mid-fifties she suspected. His smile as real as any she had seen in some time and she looked over to Lou, who gave her a subtle nod and she opened the door wider and the man walked through the door.

Now is when the reasons these people came to see her would become crystal clear.

The man had sat down, his hands politely in his lap without showing nerves. His eyes followed her but not with the puppy dog-like adoration she sometimes saw in the men, and women, who came back to see her after the show. No, he wasn’t here to try and play Fuck the Fae, there was a deeper purpose to it and seeing as she knew precisely how much Lou charged people to even knock on the door, whatever he was here for was very important to him indeed.


He looked up at the woman as she closed the door without noise and made her way to the very comfortable divan in the corner of the room. She looked at him with eyes that expected absolutely nothing. No rush or worry, nothing except patience he had never seen in anyone before. he had a feeling she could recline on that divan for years without moving a muscle and not be irritated with him at all if she so chooses. Sadly, the man had a limited amount of time to be here, so he took a chance and decided to get right to the point.

“Madame Victoria, I know that you must have a great many people come into your room and ask you for favors ranging from the rudimentary mundane to things laced with that which is phantasmagorical in all of its essences. I am here to ask of you a boon, yes, but I hope that you will hear me out before you decline.” His eyes looked to hers to see what her reaction thus far.

She smiled softly to him and sat up, her fingers steeples in her lap as she spoke. Her voice was not as honeyed as it had been on stage, but, of course, it wouldn’t be now, would it?

“Firstly, I haven’t heard someone utter the word phantasmagorical in over a hundred years. It is a word that has sadly fallen out of favor in the day and age of the text message and the acronyms for virtually everything. Secondly, I give you my word on the Darkness that Consumes that I will listen to your request and give it every bit of my attention before I judge it as a deed I am willing to do.”

He swallowed as he heard Victoria speak the oath on the Darkness. He was not an expert in such things, but he knew it was not words that her kind used lightly, the consequences of being an oathbreaker were dire if the memory served. Even he had heard of the Wild Hunt and their eternal mission to bring oathbreakers to justice who had sworn such an oath.

“For your pledge to even hear my plea I will gladly give you everything in my name.” He straightened his back as he sat as his mother had taught him so very long ago. “My name is Bertran, I was born in the year of our Lord eleven hundred thirty and five in the cathedral at Carlisle in Cumbria. My dear mother was an indigent who felt shame at having a son out of wedlock, her beau having left her after they had consummated their relationship, his promise of marriage a lie, and she was an outcast. her family disowned her and only the church would allow her sanctuary to give birth to me. We lived there until I came of age, helping in the maintenance of the church, my mother taking her vows when I left to seek my own life.” he stopped speaking and noticed that Madame Victoria looked at him with piercing eyes, seeking anything she could from him. She spoke, her voice not hiding the emotion welling up in her throat.

“You speak to truth to me Bertran of Carlisle. You are not of any Fae line, nor are you of the darkness that makes the immortal promise to the weak, tell me now why you have lived nearly nine centuries as a man of flesh and blood and no magic and have not died. Tell me this now and swear upon the Darkness your words will be true or I shall deliver to you the Hunt myself.” Her words sounded bloodied even to her own ears, but she needed to know how this man existed. She felt not afraid of him, to be with someone even a thousandth of her own age made her feel youth she had not felt since the glaciers still shaped the world.

Victoria swallowed hard, her eyes welling with tears as she read the man’s story in the same writing that adorned her body She learned everything he was at that moment. The magic of the writing told her more than simply words. She composed herself, dabbing at her eyes with the sleeve of her shirt.

“Forgive my emotion, I thought all of them had died long before you were born. No, you are of them, you are the descendants of those that gave me the godhead. So, as the Goddess you did not know your whole life, I swear on the Dark Goddess herself, may her wrath upon me be eternal if I break my oath, that I will do anything you ask of me if it is in my power to do.” She stood and quickly made her way to him and kissed him softly on the forehead. As she did the lines, on her and him glowed as the sun as like recognized like.

Let The Games Begin. The Eternal, The Cosmic, The Forever and The Powerful. Let Them Begin and They Will Never For A Moment Think Of Ending.

The very air shattered, the noise beyond deafening, as Neart and Beithíoch returned to Siobhan with forms new and magnificent. Seeing them there, Siobhan felt the tears roll down her face as the beauty of both of the overwhelmed her. She had known of course, but to see them here, their faces and perfect forms so bright and new, it was so perfect that there was no other word that could be used to describe them.

Beithíoch stood hundreds of feet tall in the cavernous void they stood in, his skin was black and red with Siobhan’s amethyst eye emblazoned on his chest. His great wings, even as they barely moved created winds that would topple most trees. Higher still his beautiful face was the serpent now, a perfect mix of beast and fear, violence and perfection. His eyes glowed a deep amber in the darkness and even from below Siobhan could see it perfectly. Her heart nearly skipped a beat as he lowered that vast body to the floor and laid his head on the ground so his eyes were level with his. There were tears in his eyes and Siobhan knew they were not of sadness or despair, but of the greatest joy.

She next looked to her wonderful Neart, the creation of creations and marveled at how magnificent all of those legs looked on her, the muscles evident even in the void of lack that carried her. Her beauty magnified a hundredfold by the frame that supported the head with its eyes aplenty. Following Beithíoch’s example, Neart carefully folded herself downward in a way that would not seem possible to look at her and cast her gaze at Siobhan and each eye wept the same tears of Beithíoch.

“My sweet loves, here you stand before me in the truest expressions of yourself. The inner beauty that was made real, desires made flesh and all the things you did not want, removed from you forever.” Siobhan ran a hand down the faces of both of them and sat down between the two massive beings and told her tale.

“I knew there would need to be a way to distribute my justice in the world. I knew that, while I could see all, I cannot be in all places without losing attention to another. So, to you my loves, I decided to give dominion.” She looked at Beithíoch and smiled wide. “To you my greatest love, I give the and all things that look to it for meaning and hope, for love and for answers. You will speak with my voice and you will give the people what they desire for my power courses through you in ways you have yet to discover. You will ask me nothing, you will do their will because I know you cannot do anything that I would not approve of.”

She turned her head to Neart and looked at the delight of the eyes that she had been given. “To you sweet Neart, I give the Land. You will roam it, taking the things that do not belong and removing them, nurturing the things that do belong there. You will do all of this and a thousand times more because all you want is a purpose and, now, you, at last, have it. You are the Queen of Spiders now, your predecessor killed with honor and respect by my own hand, her body consumed as her wishes dictated. She died knowing that her greatest glory would succeed her.

Siobhan backed up and looked at those two wonders that she had once called children and wept her own tears.

“Now, go my loves and know that you take all of my power and ambition with you to rule over the world as I have dictated. I am Always, I am Eternity.” With that Siobhan turned and faded into the Darkness, her loves looking at one another and knowing that the world was in need of them, and as soon as they thought it, they too faded into the Darkness, their duties and obligations are known.

Three Facets, Three Parts, Three Sections Of A Vast and Eternal Whole That Could Never Be Severed

Sated on pleasure and blood both, Siobhan languidly stood in the red sand, her eyes still fixed on how the sand ran like liquid down her skin, skin that at the precise moment was a darker red than the sand would ever be. The serpentine tongue came out of her mouth and wrapped twice around her neck, bringing all of the delicious blood into the mouth of the Dark Goddess with a sigh of pleasure and contentment. She was covered in blood, baptized in the pleasure and pain of it and she indeed did feel worshiped. All of them were gone, not even the bones remained to tell anyone what happened here, just a Goddess covered with viscera and nothing else looking into the Universe she created, wondering where next to find those that loved her as much as these ones did.


Dara felt his heart hammering in his chest, the beasts long left behind him as his body felt more and more energy pour through it. He spread his arms wide, the wind pushing them back against him and only his immense strength gave him any chance of keeping them lifted as he wanted them to be. He felt the heat, such intense heat, build from deep inside of what it was to be him and it felt like it was spreading to the rest of him like a delicious virus that he wanted to roll in and make his own. It was not evil, it was nothing but the utmost expression of who Dara was. He closed his eyes, at last, his arms still in the wind, his feet hitting the groundless often, but with tremendous force when they did. He knew what was coming now, he did not know if his Goddess had gifted him this on purpose, or if it was but destiny, but as he opened his eyes and saw the horizon lower more and more as he grew, he knew the greatness inside of him was so close now.


Neart stood in the center of her own world, covered in millions of her brothers and sisters as they licked and tasted every inch of the blood and gore that was left in the circle. The bones had been stripped, their fallen cannibalized, all that was left was the perfection of Neart in the center of the circle like a great beacon that drew more and more as time passed. She knew they would not, could not hurt her, she knew that she needed as many of them as there were, she needed to move to the next stage, the next level. The feeling that she knew what was coming grew every second and when she spread her wings, new and cleansed of the horrors they had wrought, she felt something building inside of her. It was a glorious thing, and then, as her eyes flew open and she smiled, she knew.


Siobhan walked a moment on the sand, relishing the feel of it the last time before she closed her eyes and on her next step, she was surrounded by the darkness of home. She could feel Neart and Dara and knew they would be back soon, they would have questions and Siobhan prepared herself to give them answers. It was a necessary thing, what was happening and she knew that she had made it as wonderful for the both of them as she could but still they would be confused when they returned, but all would be well. Siobhan walked up to the dais where the Three sat and sat in the middle seat there, it was not ornate, a simple stone carving. She smiled and felt the warmth that the dress she now wore provided, the black and silver of it covered nothing, and yet revealed even less.

She closed her eyes and whispered a few words to show them the way home when they were ready.

Soon all would be revealed.

In Every Instant A Universe Of Infinite History And Complexity Is Created, Evolved, and Destroyed. Every. Instant.

Siobhan opened her eyes to the Universe that she had created and found herself alone and nude on a beach of red sand under a dusky purple sky. It was cold, not bitterly so, but the Goddess felt the skin all over her body raised as the cool wind blew over her. Unworried and unhurried Siobhan stood from where she lay and found the sand fell from her easily and felt pleasant between her toes. In the distance, there was a smattering of buildings that felt like the place to go. With no hurry, Siobhan walked slowly, feeling the red sand move between her toes like water and the wind, still cold, was just enough to slightly move her hair from in front of her eyes and afforded her a better view of where she was going.

The buildings she slowly neared were of primitive construction, trees with animal skins lashed between branches to bring shelter from any elements, yet the wind could still whistle through as it pleased. The hides that hung on the branches were still dripping blood, freshly caught and skinned. They hadn’t removed the head of the beast that had been slaughtered and it’s eyes, pupils barely visible in all of the white of the eye told Siobhan it had died terrified, and it had been skinned whilst still drawing breath, if such a beast even did such a thing. Siobhan did not recognize the animal, although it seemed as if a half dozen animals had been combined within it to make the thing she saw now. She ran a finger down the cheek of the animal, the blood dripping down her hand as she did so, it’s warmth a reminder of how short a time it had been since it had been killed.

Walking from one construction to the next it appeared as if all of the skins were fresh, the kills an hour old at the longest. Cocking her head to the wind for a moment, Siobhan heard the unmistakable sound of drums in the very short distance. She followed the sound, slowly walking up a small rise in the crimson sand and stopped at the crest of the dune. Below was a small valley filled with thousands of beings. Tall, incredibly pale and nude beings who all were in perfect harmony with the drumming that some did, and the dancing that all the others appeared to be doing. Sitting softly in the red sand Siobhan watched as they performed.

No noises exited them no sounds of breathing, so screams or shouts or hatred or praise, just the drums and the synchronous sounds of the thousands of legs hitting the ground in unison. They danced and drummed, sometimes switching between one and the other and finally it appeared, after a rather long drug performance, that the act was finished. Siobhan maintained her place at the top of the hill, incredibly visible as the only being on such a dark hill. As they cleaned up their drums and formed tight groups, they walked slowly in her direction.

She stood up, and once again the sand fell from her like water and she clasped her hands in front of her and waited for them to notice her, or not notice her if that was their choice. It only took a minute or two before the leader of one of the groups saw her on the top of the hill and made a noise Siobhan could only guess was verbiage before all the groups dropped in unison to their knees and prostrated themselves before her. A single man still stood and he walked towards her and stopped a few meters before he got to her, bowed low and, his head still lowered, spoke to Siobhan His voice was raspy and broken, as if he did not use it very often and his tone was a formality that seemed familiar to Siobhan, yet she could not place the exactness of it at that moment.

“Grr.Greaat Gooddesssss. You honnnnor my Trribbeee.” The words were difficult for him. Siobhan walked towards the prostrate man and touched him on the shoulder and wordlessly bade him rise. He shook slightly as he did so and when he spoke again, whether it be her touch or his fortitude, the words were much clearer and seemed to be without the pain that came before.

“Forgive my earlier difficulties. We do not use the spoken words of The Outside very often. I am Xaosih, I am the speaker. It was foretold before time began that one of us would meet the Pale Goddess on the Red Hill and my family was chosen to be the speaker and ask you what we could do, humbly, to serve you.” As he finished, he took a deep breath and Siobhan knew then that he had practiced that line thousands of times and that is why it came out so smoothly.

Siobhan smiled softly, the tips of her top teeth showing through slightly parted lips. “Xaosih, you have done your duty well. You have proven to be prepared in your moment of testing and you have, in that, served your Goddess nobly.” The long tongue flicked out almost serpent-like twixt teeth. “Walk with me.” She did not look to see if the man followed, she knew he would. Siobhan spoke again, her voice was soft and for his ears only. “Tell Me Xaosih, when you were told that the Pale Goddess was to be on the Red Hill, was there anything else to the prophecy?” She had a memory of something in her mind that made her mouth water just a bit and smile as she asked the question.

Xaosih stood to his full height and Siobhan looked up into his eyes, eyes that gave away nothing and everything all at once. His voice now was loud, a shout that Siobhan knew he was using to tell the others as well as her.

“It was said that when the Pale Goddess came, all the tribe would serve her in the ways she desired. After three turns of the great skin, She would kill all but two of the Tribe. She would drink from their bodies and eat of their flesh. She would choose the new pair to go forth and make a new tribe and she would leave them with another prophecy for when she should return.” He said it with pride, not fear. He knew his whole life that he was to be food for a Goddess and he stood with honor and awaited his fate. The entire tribe had surrounded them now and were standing as tall as he.

Siobhan licked her lips with an expectant swipe of her long tongue and took the hand of Xaosih and kissed the back of it, her tongue wrapping around the hand twice before pulling back into her mouth and letting her taste him ever so slightly. Looking up to him she smiled and spoke.

“Tonight you will service me, then your mate and the strongest male will travel to a new land to begin the Tribe anew and I will feed. I will feed on your flesh and blood yes, but also on sex and power, fear and ecstasy. Come now, lay with your Goddess and fulfill your prophecy.”


Y’all want to see what the Bear loves to write, y’all are going to get to see what the motherfucking Bear loves to write. Gaelic words are translated on mouseover.

Let’s get Evil

There was Nothing, and then Everything.
She was Absent, Then She was Present.
Eternity wound down to a single Moment.


The Dark Goddess opened eyes that she did not remember closing and looked over the masses of Her people looking at Her with concern and even panic on their faces. The chief of her personal guard, Dara, knelt before her, black wings folded tightly against his nude form, his eyes cast downward, not wanting to meet his Mistress in the eye for he was not worthy of such an honor.

“Bandia na Háilleachta,” pray, tell us that vision you have seen and what has kept you for so overly long. Were we unworthy? Have we offended you so?” His head never rose, and his tone was low and almost groveling. His wings shook as he took a deep breath, finally asking what he had been trying to for so long.

Siobhan cocked her head to one side, then the other as she looked down upon him whom she trusted more than anything. She admired the muscles of his back and the glory of the wings she had given him so very long ago. “Dara, you know that such a thing could not happen twixt you and I. I am befuddled though, why do you say I have been gone so overly long when I just closed my eyes but a moment to collect myself?” She stood and took the two steps down from her dais and placed long and ivory white fingers, tipped with nails like onyx, on his shoulder.

He shuddered as he felt the connection with the Goddess return to him, and he dared look up into the amethyst eyes of his Creator, and when he spoke, there was no fear in it, not towards her, He could never find fault in his Goddess. Who had made her say the thing she just said, who can have such power to make her say that?

“My Bandia, you have been in a slumber for a ten-thousand score of years. We waited, as you commanded, never moving a single limb. You genuinely do not remember your commandment to us? Has someone done something to you, Bandia, for if they have, your Dara will bring you their entrails so that you might read the cause of such an atrocity upon them?

Siobhan blinked her eyes a single time and went to a single knee and kissed her Dara on the top of his head while whispering things only he could ever know. She spoke quickly, and it was evident to all that watched that even though they could not hear what their Bandia was saying, there was fury coming off of her like smoke from a fire. Dara lifted his head and finally met her eyes. His arms held the two swords she had bestowed upon him to protect her, “Bás and Sceimhle, which he crossed with an explosive thunder before jumping into the air and spreading the mighty span of his wings before departing impossibly fast to do the bidding of the Bandia Dorcha.

A murmur began to build among those that were assembled, their voices gradually going from softness to the roar of an ocean as their Goddess still knelt where she had been with Dara a moment before. They spoke of what could have possibly happened to suborn the Bandia Dorcha herself and, if they could, was she indeed…

All thoughts and words were stopped in an instant as Siobhan rose from where she knelt to her full height. Her skin was alabaster white, the top half of her covered in strips of material that could only be referred to as darkness. There was nothing there, yet, the eye could not penetrate it. Her lower half sheathed in the same so that all could be seen was shape, form, never the flesh itself.

She raised both of her hands in front of her, curling her arms in at the elbows as she slowly lifted from the ground. From her back sprouted no wings, but feathers. Gorgeous blacks and purples in each eye of the feather. Each one shone with a familiar gleam that made some think they were blades instead of feathers at all. Her hair, black as pitch, rose above her head, and her eyes opened wide, cast out among her people with a burning fire of rage and hate.

“You will all go, you will go, and you will find the Grey Man, you will find him in his Light, and you will bring him to the Goddess of the Darkness, and you will make sure he is untouched with blade or claw. He is mine. You will go, and you will do this now.” Her voice was impossibly loud, yet it was only in each of their minds, each of them given an individual search task by the Goddess they had doubted mere moments before. Each of them remembering, with shame in their hearts, how the Goddess had brought them into the world and named each one and bestowed upon them the kiss from her lips to make them live.

A smile turned into a growl as emerald green impossibly rotted away the perfect purple of her eyes. Finally, as their minds screamed to them in her voice, telling them to flee, the Goddess of the Darkness and their Existence spoke a final sentence, her face turning feral and wicked to behold, the voice though, the voice was regal as ever and the venom it dripped was no less savage.

“He will not win Sister Mine, We will destroy Him.”