When Siobahn Saw the Breadth of Her Domain, She Wept, For There Were Eternal Worlds to Conquer.

The Void was a comforting thing to the three of them as they walked into it, their hearts steady and bond twixt the three of them forged from unbreakable things. They were going nowhere because they were everywhere all at once. The Goddess looked at both of them with a smile on her face and the universe itself in her eyes and spoke, the sound of her voice echoing in the void, or was that simply within Neart and Dara?

“We stand here now, the world unmade and all the power of creation with us. I can raise my hands and have it all be as it was.” her hands moved in a soft arc above her head and like a curtain being raised the world was, well, the world. The cars moved, the smoke billowed from stacks, the Hidden were few and terrified to be discovered. That world vanished as the Goddess lowered her arms and spoke again, depth of darkness in her voice this time. “It can be a pain, pain for any all things that we wish to cause suffering to for our amusement, be it justified or not.” Her arms stretched out in front of her this time and a great throne appeared in the middle of a dark valley, all the people were bowing low before it, all worshiped it and Her along with it. All desired the pain and brutality if it meant to be touched, loved, needed by the Darkest Goddess. Her hands came back to her sides. “It will not be my decision delicious ones, it will be ours. What fun is a world where you click and receive? No, we need to have a variety of my loves.”

Her smile was wide and her teeth showed, points on every single one to remind them that she was not a gentle soul, be she lover or monster both. As she smiled a kaleidoscopic array of worlds flashed before them, each one quicker than the last. Deserts and Jungles, Ice and Fire, Darkness and Light. Siobhan’s eyes closed and she reached her hands for the two loves at her side and they took her hands eagerly and felt the vibration of power run through her. Each thing they saw, each landscaped world, there would be a choice, but not the way they had thought. All, they would have ALL of them. Why limit yourself when the Infinite is something you can define?

This world they were making, this gigantic world that housed every variety, every combination. Love and hate, Sex and Death, all things would be there if they desired it and the only rule, the singular rule, is that all knew that the Goddess watched everything that they did and would judge and remove things as she saw fit, destroy the weak, promote the strong, be worshiped intimately by those she desired and no one else.

She released the two hands she held and smiled, a forked tongue shot between razor teeth, yet no sibilant whisper at all was in the voice that spoke. “We have created what we most desire, not, let us go and enjoy every sweet morsel of it.”