Yeah, I Didn’t Want To Write This At All, The Quality Sucks A Lot, So, There That Part To Consider, Anyway, Here Is Talking Me


You know that part in every bad hacker scene, in every movie, ever, where the master computer criminal is sitting there with code scrolling past his eyes faster than the eye can see and he suddenly knows precisely what to push and all of that shit?


For one, why would it be scrolling unless you were making it? I suppose that is a side rant, however. More importantly, just…no. Hacking is a tedious code compilation over time and then, the master payoff? You click send, once.

Yep. You set the payload and send it to your list or botnet or what have you, and that is it. There is no maniacal laughter and the rubbing of hands. Most of them get some pizza rolls from upstairs and sit back and hope against hope that they see a line of code they wrote flash somewhere so their little wee-wee’s can get all hard. It is an anti-climactic, pun intended, experience.

Why would I educate you on something so stupid?

I will explain it.

See, last night, about five or so, my computer made a lot of chirping noises, and a lot of windows opened, and I knew I was fucked. All of the files in my Dropbox were renamed, system files were deleted, standard asshole ransomware stuff. Since I sadly did not catch it in time, it eliminated a vital file and, well, 20 something hours later here I am, kind of back to where I was.

Let me tell you about the guy.

Броніслав is the young man’s name. Why do I know this? The code that he sent out had his name, like, his real name. And address. And phone number.

GPS is fun.

I made calls to people, and I submitted the code — Blah blah.

However, I ranted later about things, which I am sure you want to hear more anyway, I know I do.

So, here is an audio thing. Oh yeah, I am working on that email me when there is a new post thing as we speak.



With that said,

Until next Time, I Bid You Peace

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Listening To My Voice, Reading My Words, Jesus I Spoil You Fucking People


So I just recorded one of those Voices that I do and I will have that up in a few minutes. I wanted to write a few things first and let you know what the plan is because I think I have one, for these things moving forward.

See, I have the ability and even the desire to record these things in my bedroom, on my phone, in the dark and cold at night. Since no one told me that they were deafened by the recording of the air conditioner and the sound machine, I think I will do it up there from now on. Not only because I can be more comfortable and relaxed than I can be down here, but because if I record them at the end of the day the odds are that I will actually have something to decompress about and talk about as opposed to just saying random words about random things like I just did a few minutes ago when I finished recording this one.

Other things that need to be said are that there will be another post to The Assemblage and our lovely Siobhan later this afternoon/evening for those who may have been waiting for those things. As you hear in the thing you haven’t listened to yet, I also have a few other things brewing, but not really, but really. Yeah, that is the way my brain works so you need to go ahead and accept that and move on with your day.

There is nothing else really, at least not for the moment. I mean, I suppose I could shill for the Grove, a subscription box full of hippie products if you want me to? I get ten bucks off, and I can express my inner flower child even more? If not, I mean, okay. I am just trying to fill an empty void before the audio to tell you the truth of the matter.

Oh yeah, The Voices thing.

With that said,

Until next Time, I Bid You Peace

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Since I Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup, I Will Empty Some Of The Bitter Liquid


Yeah, I know the titles of these things are getting straight-up insane, but it gives me a fraction of joy to do it, so I am afraid they are going to stay that way until I have no further use for them. Besides, the writing isn’t always precisely bright and attention-grabbing, and I have to make you click on the damn link, to begin with.

The Lord High Air Traffic Controller made a request of me yesterday and I, duty-bound to listen to all things from such a high ranking official, did a thing I will put at the end of this little thing here where I tell you I am going to cut swathes of people out of my life.

As I say in the thing you are about to listen to, if you want to be one of my People, you will be. Same as if I want to be yours. Those people who have not, well, it is time for them to go away and for the real people to get a chance to stand forward and be counted.

Not literally, I don’t want comments of you telling me I am your friend or any of that shit, nope, the decisions are made, the appeal process is nonexistent and I wish you all that were removed in one way or the other nothing but peace and happiness in all you try to accomplish and may She look upon you with grace and favor.

I won’t be here the first chunks of today, so I will either not write anything story-wise today at all, or it will be later this afternoon when things have settled a bit, and I carefully avoid the pitfalls of Barnes & Noble. We all know how good I am at that so perhaps I will laugh at myself later and show the thing I shouldn’t have bought that I inevitably did.

So, Uhm, yeah.


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I am sick and don’t want to write, so, bearing that in mind, you can listen to me ramble on for the better part of twenty minutes about why I hate February so damn much.

I recorded this Saturday night in the dark when I was crying and mad, so I guess you shouldn’t expect me to have a Grammy winning performance here.


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